The complying with three brand-new lorries have actually been added:.

A new special discussion concerning the de Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior) was contributed to a number in the coffee shop. This brand-new conversation can be held by climbing this auto in the garage as well as talking with the figure in the coffee shop.

2. Dior cooperation .

In the meantime, the full changelog is offered, which describes both brand-new material as well as obstacles in addition to renovations in the game. The World Circuits were broadened to include brand-new occasions.

Changelog for the GT7 update 1.20


  • McLaren MP4/4 ’88 (buyable at Legend Cars from August 26th).
  • Pontiac GTO ‘the Judge ’69 (buyable at Legend Cars from August 26th).
  • Porsche Cayman GT4 ’16.

The De Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior), which was created together with Dior, is currently part of the game. He will certainly be available in the Legend Cars structure from August 25th. When driving on this vehicle, the auto racing suit as well as the headgear are instantly exchanged the special equipment versions of the collaboration.

1. Cars .

The auto racing video game Gran Turismo 7 was raised to variation 1.20 with an upgrade. We have currently reported on the new vehicles presented with it over the previous few days. However the upgrade has significantly more to offer.

3. Stretch .

3 new layouts were added to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya:.

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
  • European Sunday Cup 500.
  • Porsche Mug.
  • World Touring Cars 600.
  • World rally challenge.

The De Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior), which was developed in teamwork with Dior, is now component of the game. When driving on this car, the racing match and also the helmet are instantly converted right into the exclusive equipment versions of the cooperation.

  • The audio results have actually been readjusted to ensure that the difference in the sound between degree 1 as well as 3 of the adjustment weight reduction is far better distinct.

  • Extra food selection No. 6: Collection: Abarth (collection agency level 27 and also greater).

  • Additional food selection No. 7: Collection: GR.2 Competing Automobiles (enthusiast’s level 38 and higher).

  • The performance of the wireless controller was readjusted.

6. Scapes .

The European Sunday Mug 500 as well as the Porsche Cup are available after the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, while World Touring Cars 600 and the World Rally Obstacle after activating the food selection publication No. 39 ( Championship: World GT Collection) as well as the reputation of the end show up.

7. Brand Central .

  • The suspension geometry has actually been adjusted.
  • The simulation of the warmth advancement and also the wear ratio of the tires has actually been changed. This adaptation makes it simpler to see the continuing to be tread.
  • The simulation of the differential transmission has been transformed (with a completely adjustable LSD). Therefore, it is currently a lot more efficient when braking as well as uses much quieter driving behavior.
  • The credit report factors of some lorries have been adjusted.
  • The conditions for mechanical damage created by a collision or contact when mechanical damages is set to light or hefty in the auto racing setups.

2. Controller .

Further records on Gran Turismo 7.

4. Coffee store .

The extra menus as well as brand-new menus show up after players have done the food selection publication No. 39 (Championship: World GT Series) and also saw the end.

  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya general practitioner Format without harassment.
  • Racetrack Barcelona-Catalunya National Format.
  • Racetrack Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross path.

The complying with two added menus have actually been included:.

The scene Canadian Rockies was included as a curation to the landscapes.

The complying with new occasions were included in World Circuits:.

5. Racing screen .

5. World Circuits .

The optimum number of lorries that can be on the route on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in the rallycross layout is 16.

1. Physical simulation model .

other improvements and also adjustments.

6. Miscellaneous .

4. Legendary autos .

  • The prices for Legend Cars (Hagerty Collection) were modified on the basis of actual testimonials of the Gran Turismo companion Hagerty.
    If a vehicle is used for sale the following time, * The new costs will certainly be applied. The next price modification is scheduled for November 2022.

  • Different various other issues have been settled.

3. Quantity .

  • Taken care of a trouble in which the weather condition radar did not function appropriately on the multifunctional display screen in races with established weather and established time.

A ‘GT Honors’ logo is currently shown on cars that have won the Gran Turismo Honors Sema (GT Awards). The logo design is shown both on the top screen of the garage and also at Brand name Central.

The racing video game Gran Turismo 7 was elevated to version 1.20 with an upgrade. We have already reported on the new vehicles introduced with it over the past couple of days. The update has significantly more to use.

The following upgrade for Gran Turismo 7 is expected to appear in around 4 weeks. The auto racing game has actually been on the market because March 2022 and can currently be bought substantially cheaper at Amazon **.