The 2nd graduation ceremony was held at the Pangyo LH Corporation Growth Center on the 30th. The Game Human Resources Institute is a government-led game education institution hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency. The Yoon Seok-yeol administration will reflect the game in fostering the Korean content representative sector, which is the 58th national task, and promote the promotion project centered on the game human resources. As evidenced by this, the presidential secretary’s office also attended the graduation ceremony.


There are 55 graduates of the 2nd game talent. Thirty of these succeeded in early employment. There were 48 graduates of the first stage, with 37 employment and starting. The government plans to expand the number of trainees for game talent next year to 120. This year, the game talent has reinforced the faculty from three to six. In 2023, the second campus is scheduled to open.

The graduation ceremony was attended by President Byung-chae Yoo, the Secretary of Culture, Sports and Sports, Korea Content Agency, Cho Hyun-rae, Chairman of the Korea Game Developer Association, Chairman Chung Seok-hee, NCsoft Jang Hyun-young, and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Yoo Byung-chae, the secretary of the Culture and Sports, said, The Yoon Seok-yeol government will raise the game industry as a major content industry, and we will spare no support for our country to secure the status of the game. Secretary Yoo Byung-chae is from the game manager of the Ministry of Culture and Culture in 2008. At the time she made a comprehensive plan for the game industry. Secretary Yoo Byung-chae promoted the fact that the game exports exceeded 1 trillion won at the time, gaining attention as the core industry in the future of Korea. Secretary Yoo Byung-chae told his graduates, I hope that Korea will play a big role in recovering the status of the game powerhouse in the future.

At the graduation ceremony, the best graduates received the Minister of Culture and the Minister of Culture and the Outstanding Graduate Award. In addition, he was awarded the Game Association Award and NCsoft’s representatives, including the President of the Korea Game Industry Association, the Chairman of the Korea Game Development Association, and the President of the Korea Mobile Game Association.

Winners are △ Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award Seo Kyu-Hwang △ Korea Mobile Game Association Chairman Kim Kyu-hyun, Choi Yun-jeong, Choi Yo-han △ Chairman of the Korea Game Industry Association Award Kim Hyung-sun, Kang Hye-jeong, Kim Sang-hyuk Kim Hee-jeong, Jung So-yeon, Bae Young-sik △ Hwang Sun-il, Kang Hye-jeong, Son Kwang-ik, △ Excellence Award Jung Min-ji, Moon Joon-ho, and Lee Soo-jong.

The training period of the Game Talent Institute is a total of two years, and in the first year, the basic training and short-term tasks (projects) for game developers are required. Training. In particular, from the beginning of the opening, the education direction is set to be customized and differentiated education so that trainees can be put into practice immediately after graduation so that they can do their work.

The policy officer of the Ministry of Culture and Industry said, 30 of the second graduates have been employed early, and companies have been inquiring about their hiring inquiries. By actively responding to the demand for manpower, we expect the game talent to firmly establish as the birthplace of the talented game talent.

Game Human Resources 2nd Graduation Exhibition ****

Game Name: POPO’s Dream
Team Name: Popo Games
Team member: Moon Joon-ho, Shin-Ae, Jung So-yeon, Park Jun-ha, Lee Soo-jin, Lim Hyo-seop, Lee Ji-won
Introduction: The Space Guardian Popo wants to reinvigorate the dream of the young children of the earth as a universe collapses into a parallel world.

Game Name: The Great Cook
Team name: egg roll
Team member: Kang Joo-hyun, Choi Min-kyung, Bang So-yeon, Choi Hong, Jong-young Jung, Jae-jun Lee
Introduction: A game where chefs who are kidnapped by giants play to giants

Game name: For your well-being
Team Name: Team Carnival
Team member: Min Song-hee, Jeon Na-kyung, Yuk Takgi, Jeon Min-kyung, and Ho Shin-haeng
Introduction: In the 1980s, a world where people live as humans. One day, a frog’s transformer is found in the river. The protagonist moves to reveal the cause of death.

Game Name: Seedvault
Team Name: Team 345
Team Won: Kim Sang-hyuk, Choi Yun-jeong, Bae Young-sik, Lee Soo-jong, Kim Chan-young, Choi Jin-mi, Lee Tae-kyung, Choi Yo-hwan, Seo Hyun-jung, Kim Hee-jung
Introduction: Food problem in the nuclear war refugee village. They send mercenaries and villagers to find seed bolt food seeds. But that’s already a zombie den…

Game Name: Eater
Team Name: Raoud
Team member: Kwon Dong-hui, Lee Woo-jin, Yoon Jung-sik, Kang Hye-jeong, Kim Hyung-sun, Jung Min-ji, Seo Kyu-hwang, Lee Ha-neul
Introduction: Humanity survived on the destroyed Earth lives as a mana tree. However, this world’s biological loud comes to invasion, and Eter is fighting to prevent invasion.

Game name: You will die with the rain
Team Name: Team Deaddang
Team Won: Kim Kyu-hyun, Ko Sang-hyun, Lee Ji-young, Lim Ji-young, Lim Ja-young, Oh Ji-young, Park Hyung-jae, Kim Tae-ho, Park Kyung-jin, Shin Eun-ji
Introduction: The world that continued the war with the monster. The princess, who was kicked out of the successor fight, joins the deserted mercenary. To fight blood against the monster and his enemies.