Farthest Frontier is a strategy game/simulator, the action of which takes place in the Middle Ages, in which your goal is to build and protect your settlement. Players must constantly develop their cities, fighting with invaders and diseases. Resources and objects are constantly used for construction and updates.

One of the items that will help you in the construction of your settlement is heavy tools. They are used to create the necessary infrastructure, such as foundations, sawmills, forges, etc. For your settlement. Therefore, heavy tools are necessary for the development of your settlement.

Heavy tools are also used to modernize the food processor, which significantly increases its performance. This means that when processing, less food will be thrown out, and you will get more food for the same amount of grain, which will give your settlement much more chances to survive in severe winters.

How to get heavy tools in the farthest border

Heavy tools cannot be made by the player. They need to be bought from merchants through a trading post. Therefore, the construction of a trading post should be one of your main priorities. But before you can build a trading post, you must take the following steps:

  • Build a warehouse so that you can store all the products that will be sold at a trading post.
  • Build a large saw hole to build a wooden frame necessary for the construction of a trading post.

After building these two, you will unlock the opportunity to build a trade post in the construction menu. You will need 80x labor, 35x wooden board and 10x stone to build the trade post itself. So, make sure you have these resources.

After you built your trading post, wait for the New Year. This is due to the fact that traders will visit your trade post at this time and stay there for about 45 days.

All merchants trade in different goods and not everyone will have heavy tools. So, buy all the heavy tools that you can get from the merchant that sells them. There is no fixed price for heavy tools, so it’s better to wait a bit, since traders will reduce their prices when the time of their departure approaches.

After you accumulate quite heavy tools. Build a foundry plant so that you can make iron ruds that you get in the mines. Then build a forge. There you can turn your iron ingots into heavy tools in accordance with your needs. Now we will have a stable source of heavy tools, and we will not need to wait for the new year when the merchants arrive.