Through games like Up until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology as well as The Quarry, lately released, the developer studio Supermassive Games was able to exercise a reputation as a scary expert throughout the years.

The Quarry Supervisor Will currently disclosed BYLES that a person likewise means to continue this path. His group is already servicing the next scary game, which is meant to drift from the teen scary style of the last title, but will still rely upon timeless scary. The game must show up at the earliest in 2025:

We began the work on the following video game. I can not actually inform you a lot concerning it, but we have currently started. This moment we hold to the horror genre. It is the same size as The Quarry… as well as that has to do with everything I can say without disclosing excessive.

It may be a bit like… I don’t understand how much we can still extend the teen horror thing, because particularly when we attempt to do something brand-new, the number of surprises that can be added is limited.

The Dark Photo looks into numerous versions of the scary style. What it is around currently and I can not inform you exactly what it is a little departure from this sort of criterion, yet it is still traditional scary.

7 years will absolutely not pass once more, like after Until Dawn. It will be in 2025 or possibly 2026.