It is estimated that some 3,240 million people play a wide variety of games available in the market. So, if you want to dedicate yourself to it and you want to stand out with your project, you have to make one that makes a difference .

If you want to succeed , you have to pay close attention to the details such as the graphics and models of the 3D environment, knowledge that you can obtain through the master in art for video games.

What does the environment of a game mean modeling?

The modeling of the game environment is crucial to develop visual elements such as the backdrop, objects and stages.

Some people believe that the environment design is the same as the design map design. Next, you will find a list of the most significant distinctions between these two options.

The best way to plan the design of a game is Decide the type of environment modeling that will be used. This is for development to be efficient in time and quality at the same time.

Types of video game environments

We will concentrate on the 3D environments, since modeling is a standard design tool in video games.

3D models are used to populate a world with assets and scenarios, since the modeling of a game environment is all that surrounds the players . Several applications can be used to build prototypes. However, there may not be enough time or need to design each aspect with precision.

To create environments Low and high polygonage models . The polygons are digital geometric shapes connected in a 3D mosaic that gives an element its characteristics and complexities, which is the basis of these models.

The modeling of game environments for different platforms has certain distinctions.

The specific design for each platform is impossible, since mobile devices, computers and consoles have different levels of technological capacity .

* Modeling of play worlds for PC and consoles

PC and consoles game designers must pay close attention to details, because the big screen expands everything. Therefore, high polygonal models for the foreground and the average plane are better and more realistic .

The lighting and graphics should also be used to improve the design of the environment, the appropriate components can be added to the scene so that it seems more complete and submerges the viewer in the story.

* The creation of the atmosphere of a mobile game

As mobile devices screens are so small, the design of a playing world cannot be so large. The environment must be simple but well defined . This can be achieved using a low polygonization design to create striking silhouettes and textures.

Finally, Each element must have a specific purpose , whether it is to convey a certain mood or depth to history, otherwise they will only occupy space on the screen.

* Example scenes in a 3D environment


We can point out several video games known as excellent examples of high quality environments. If you want to feel how a superior environments should be, check your own.

When designing The Last of Us , developers tried to make the world as close as possible to the Real. The colors, shapes and textures have a high level of attention to detail, based on what it would be like in reality.

In the case of Cyberpunk 2077 , old doors with technologically advanced security systems are a good example of the fusion of retro and futuristic styles. The Cyberpunk genre is especially known for its neon lights, something to consider when modeling a futuristic scenario.


The creation of the environment of a game is the phase that derives and unites all other elements of a video game , so it is important that designers and artists carefully think about this part of the development, since it establishes the tone and dictates the atmosphere of this.

Design in 3D may seem tedious, but with the appropriate bases and a professional approach, the world you have in mind can become The next great hit of video games .