Since the seasons were presented in Destiny 2 back in the season of the forge or even military mind, there has been seasonal activity. With the launch of the 18th season, Ketch crash was the most popular. In this new mode, the guards are waging a space war in the spirit of the pirates between the two sketches of Likely. Here’s how to start the task and what you get for its implementation.

How does Ketch crash work in Destiny 2?

The owners of the seasonal subscription will be able to take part in the action shortly after the introductory mission to release the spider from the group of pirates. Activity itself starts using the Helm icon. Two versions of Ketch crash are offered to choose from. Ketch crash by default has a recommended capacity of 1520 and includes matchmaking. Master Ketch crash does not offer matchmaking, has a recommended force of 1600 and includes many mission modifiers. At the same time, there are a lot of awards, including Pinnacle, for passing a more complex version.

Ketch crash works in stages. If you played almost any other activity in Destiny 2, you already know how to perform each of them, since they repeat the mechanics. If not, do not worry, as they are very simple.


Drop the pirates from Tech Spider. *
Place and protect the four guns on a coach spider.
* Stand on the plates to activate them, and then remove the adds until the guns are leveled.
Shoot yourself to the enemy bang and sit on him.
Destroy the security optics. *
* Destroy the servitors to open the plates that they guard. Turn on each plate standing on it. As soon as everything is activated, the safety shield will fall and allow you to damage it. Rinse and repeat until he dies.
Destroy spider tanks.
* The room will have two Fallen Tanks. Start damaging your legs, as usual. When they become immune, look for captains with fire guns. Destroy them to requisition their guns. Use these guns to destroy the shield generators and continue to damage the tank.
Destroy storage tanks.
* There are several tanks for storing ether, which are marked with a violet tint. Destroy Heavy Shanks (artillery partners) and collect an explosive charge that they drop. Throw the indicated charge into the tanks to destroy them.

* Remove the boss.

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