The galactic saga returns to the pt in Tales of The Jedi, an mythological series of short films starring two main characters, oka Tank and Count Took. Set before episode I and at the time of Episode II, this animation series will have the appearance of other clsic characters in the saga, so Anakin Skywalker, Quinton Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi or the teacher Mace will not be missing Wind Lucfilm h presented new details and the official trailer , which you can see on these lines.

The six episodes of Tales of The Jedi will be available on October 26 at Disney+. The first two chapters will focus their attention on Count Took when he w still a young Jedi teacher. In fact, we will see Liam Neeson again playing his Taiwan, Quinton Jinn. In the third of the took episodes he will face in battle the teacher Saddle, who briefly appeared in the Jedi Council during the ghost threat.

oka, his story from baby

oka Tank stars in his own episodes. From his most tender childhood, they detected his sensitivity to force, so that his family handed her to the Jedi order for her training. She ended up Taiwan from Anakin Skywalker, that teaches her to defend himself from the attack of a clone troop. It is curious that those same movements of her saved her life when Palatine activated order 66 to annihilate The Jedi.


The next future of Star Wars in Disney+ is full of content: On September 27, Ardor premieres, The prequel of the film Rogue One. Diego Luna returns to the skin of Cpian Ardor, a spy that will execute the Rebel plans at all costs. On the other hand, Tales of The Jedi will close the year, waiting to open the 2023 course with the second seon of the Male Drums (January 4). The Mandalorian 3 is reserved for February and oka and Skeleton Crew for later, that same year.