In these first episodes of the dragon’s house we have had several temporary jumps that have left us without seeing some key moments of the life of their characters. This is the ce of the wedding between Misery and Aliment , or the fight that broke out when the friendship between Aliment and Chandra broke out. Moments that originally were planned to see. In fact, they rolled and ended up falling into the sembly room . Luckily there are some of them that have been recovered by Greg Titans for the most inveterate fans of fiction.

Director of three of the four episodes had so far, Titans h risen to his Instagram several captures of the Misery wedding and The fight between Aliment and Chandra because of it. There are two scenes that unfortunately failed to move to the final cut, but Milly Alcock and Emily Carey were powerful , iTunes said in his networks.

In their respective role, both actresses argued and threw everything in face after years of friendship, sexual tension and who knows if even love . They did it after a tense calm that hugged the characters during the preparations for the celebration, in which we enjoyed intimate moments one in which Chandra helped Alien to ften her dress. An approach that w surely debating between the yearning and the desire to kill .


Tanya Tyatyambo Copper, stylist and makeup artist of the Dragon House, also wanted to share the pain of her for having lost these scenes , but not so much for her interpretations and for their worked details. The dress, the hair, the tiara… it is a shame that the cut h not psed. The sembly room is so sad… Why do you do this to me? , joked the artist.

It is curious that the emphis is made in the sembly room and the high ribbon that imposes and that h prevented us from seeing scenes such the wedding, because the series h given what to talk about in recent weeks due to its gazebos visuals and several terrible failures of visual effects. Even HBO h had to go out to the forefront to apologize and ensure that their mistakes will be corrected. But with everything, The dragon’s house continues to recruit adherents , convincing and beating records.

They say that every time a Targaryen is born, The gods throw the currency into the air and the world expects to see what side it will fall: greatness or madness. In the ce of the series, the HBO Max currency seems to have fallen face and the dragon’s house h become the phenomenon of the seon.