The Rock man EXE series was born in 2001 as a new rock man series and caught the hearts of boys, such as becoming a TV anime.

After 20 years since then, the Rock man EXE Advanced Collection, which includes all 10 works from the first generation to 6, and a total of 10 works, will appear.

A play report will be delivered from the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Cap com booth, which can be experienced before the release in 2023.

◆ The high-image quality filter functions wonderfully even on the large screen


If you play from the first generation, of course, the contents of the game will be the same story and battles as those days. The EXE series revived at that time, but the image quality is not bothered by the high-image quality filter function that reduces the roughness of the screen.

The letters were very easy to read even when playing on a large screen, so there was no stress that pulled a retro game and played forcibly with the hardware at the time.

The frame for adjusting the screen size is displayed, but this can be changed in various ways. You can fix it to what you like, or change the taste for each work.

In addition, 3D rock man will navigate on the home screen where you select the play work in the game. It’s not a very new feature, but I feel like PET is like this.

Each of them is a solid feature film, so play all works at once! It may be difficult, but for each work, art galleries and music players look back on memories in the game, so it is simply attractive as a fan item.

This time, I experienced from 1 to 3 Black, but all of them felt crisp while feeling nostalgia. It looks like the appearance that doesn’t make you feel the times, and I reconfirmed that the game character that had been trembling at that time would be interesting even if I played now.

Naturally, every work will play in the from the beginning, so if you play all the works, you have to do the tutorial many times.

There were 10 masterpieces at the time of playing with one game software for months, and if they were planning to respond to Online matches, I can play for years when I was a boy. I couldn’t help thinking.

Rock man EXE Advanced Collection can be tried at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Cap com booth. A novelty distribution is also planned for those who posted the impressions of the trial, photos and videos of photo spots on SNS.

On the public day, the trial play number ticket will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis near the corner, so if you wish to experience it, please come as soon as possible.