Blockchain technology-based services such as replacement token (NFT), web 3, and decentralized central speaker rate organization (DAO) are emerging one after another. This year, the cryptocurrency (virtual asset) investment market is stagnant, and there are also concerns about the return of ‘Crypto Winter’. On the other hand, as a technology, the blockchain is hotter. It is analyzed that it has entered the full-fledged technology revitalization stage due to the increase in ‘service’.

‘Upbeat Developer Conference (UDC) 2022’, held at the Susan Port International Exhibition Convention Center (APEX) for two days from the 22nd, is a variety of programs with the theme of ‘Imagine Your Blockchain Life’ Progress. It is expected to be able to comprehensively examine the various blockchain services that are being activated at this event sold out with the attention of all walks of life.

This year, UDC is expected to be about 50 domestic and foreign speakers and about 3,000 participants. A speaker was invited to introduce blockchain services and related technology development status in the fields of art, game, and entertainment.

In the case of NFT, which has been a representative blockchain service since last year, professional artists, intellectual property (IP) planners, and market speakers will participate as lecturers. Pine Art Kim Namely, who is showing NFT works using VR, EBS’s Korean art director, who designed Peng so and planned Pens NFT, and Steve Liu, CEO of NFT Market Place, a cryptocurrency ‘Tron’ I posted a name.


Blockchain games are also interesting. This event is the chief operating officer and co-founder of Sebastian Bore of the Meta Bus Game Platform ‘The Sandbox’, the M2E (MOVE-TO-URN) app ‘Stephen’, which combines healthcare and NFT, Shia Rasta Manga. You will give a lecture. In the blockchain-based gaming platform ‘Payday’ and ‘Gala Games’, Choir Sung-won Development and Jason Brink Blockchain Business are in charge.

The use of blockchain in the entertainment area is also eye-catching. Lee Jae-won, CEO of Hive America, who is in charge of the US business of domestic entertainment companies, and Alex Dreyfus, CEO of the sports entertainment platform ‘Chili’ using pant tokens, joined the UDC 2022 speaker.

As a speaker in Devi (decentralized finance), which is expected to lead the next-generation finance, you can meet Justin Sun, the founder of ‘Tron’, an open source-based smart contract platform ‘Tron’. It is expected to be. Smart contract is a technology that automatically runs contracts when the contract conditions programmed based on blockchain are met, and can support contracts without brokerage in various digital contracts such as financial transactions and real estate transactions.

There are also sessions where major main net officials share technology development status. Layer 1 Main net Platform ‘Cardano’ Mel McCan Development, Layer 1 Main net Platform ‘Solar’ Matt So Products and Partner Development Manager, Ethereum-based Layer 2 Extension Solution Project ‘Polygon’ Encouragement, Horizontal Layer 1 Main net Platform of the Ava lands, Aaron Buchwald Software, Bio-based Layer 1 Main net Platform ‘Grand’ Ryan Fox Developer Ado Marvin Jansen Tech Reid of the main net platform ‘Stacks’ using Kate and Bitcoin network will participate in UDC 2022.

In addition, Brian Pelegrín, the representative and co-founder of the off-chain network ‘Layer Labs’ that supports communication between blockchain, Scott Nigel’s chief operating officer of Helium, a platform that builds a decentralized wireless communication network, and a web-based credit infrastructure. The co-founder and project manager of Harry Gang of the platform ‘Project Galaxy’ will also introduce the technology advancement.

The Double Tree is a UDC 2022 special program that also runs on-site exhibitions and NFT galleries in the lobby of APEX. In the field exhibition, you can experience what the latest technologies and services of domestic and foreign blockchain companies provide. In the NFT Gallery, you can see NFT works of 15 artists, including all-round creator GU Junyo. There is also a special time for Dawson’s direct EBS art director and Kim Namely artist, the master of Pine Art.

The UDC, which celebrates the fifth time this year, is a blockchain conference designed by Dew Tree to contribute to the revitalization of the blockchain ecosystem in 2018. Over the past four years, more than 617 companies, more than 15,100 participants have been together, and more than 113 sessions have been held.