The secret identities are loaded by the devil, and if not they ask Marvel with Spider-Man’s Mephisto. Sometimes there are things that cannot be discussed in public, and more if you have earned for years a concrete fame, while you secretly do different things. This is what happened to YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming , which in addition to having a channel on that platform… is someone else.

For 8 years he has been uploading videos to his channel, which can be from the recent metal Hell singer , to news of the imminent Call of Duty Modern Warfare II . 190,000 subscribers speak well of a channel that, without being one of the largest, does have interesting visits and an enviable rhythm. However, everything has gone to fret for a single tweet.

He took advantage of his position and raped the NDAs

After publishing the superior tweet, already erased, he unmasked himself. It turns out that Dan Allen is also Therealinsider . This account is dedicated to publishing sensitive information about video games that are when leaving, such as announcing 4 days before what video games of Assassin’s Creed was going to announce Ubisoft in its recent event.

The cake was discovered when he responded to a message that he had mentioned his alter ego with his YouTuber account. This implies the following: Dan published in Therealinsider’s account the information that video game editors gave him under embargo as YouTuber of a certain success.

Without escape, Dan answered the matter and apologized:I’m sorry for everything I have d1. I am ashamed and disappointed about myself. I will think about bad decisions. Furthermore, I have lost so many friends in the industry, so many relationships, personal relationships, Commercial relations, opportunities, all for 5 seconds of fame and I assume all the responsibility. All the hatred I receive on Twitter, I just had to eliminate it because I had never received such a flood of hate, and rightly so. _