Sunday is a day that is usually to rest, although you can spend your time squeezing the coconut with the new challenge of the scientific Wordle. As usual, we have prepared a guide with the advice, the clues and the solution of the word of September 25 .

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Scientific Word today September 25

The word of the scientific Wordle of September 25 belongs to the Challenge #196 and is composed of a total of five letters . The way of playing is the simplest and will only require that you press in the following link to play from your computer or from a mobile device. Then he will have to write words to find the one that remains hidden and is related to science.

Throughout the six attempts you have, you will see that the letters are illuminated in three possible colors: green if you have succeeded with the position of the letter; yellow if it is located elsewhere; and gray in the event that the letter is not present.

Clues for today’s Word, September 25, of the Scientific Wordle

As a few clues never come bad, there are several of today’s word, September 25:

  • It is formed by three vowels.
  • It is formed by two consonants.
  • There is no repeated letter.
  • Start with a consonant and end by a vowel.
  • The first letter is C.
  • It is the name of a Polish scientist.

Solution for today’s Word, September 25, of the Scientific Wordle

Before the end we leave you with the solution of the word of September 25:

* Curie

And by the way with your description :

Maria Salome Skłodowska-Curie was a Polish scientist who received two Nobel Prizes for her work in Physics and Chemistry. Her husband Pierre Curie also contributed to her investigations.

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