Ubisoft has just announced that the skull and bones game will be available on March 9, 2023, on Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Amazon Luna and PC through the Epic Games store and the Ubisoft Store.

_ While the development of the game is finished at this stage, this overtime will allow you to polish more and swing the experience by using the comments of the players of our technical tests and the Insider Program, which took place during of the last two weeks. This decision is the best for our players and the long-term success of the game, as March 9 offers an adequate launch period for this unique brand. »_

That’s not all, ubisoft also announces that the game will have an open beta which will take place before the world’s release of the game. Thus, the players will be able to have a little taste of the dangerous world who awaits them.

_ These will thus have the opportunity to discover the unique interpretation of the game of the universe of piracy, with its brutal naval fights transposed in the superb and immersive seas of the 17th century Indian Ocean. »_

So this is an appointment on March 9.