Moon breaker is now available in early access, which allows players to enjoy digital board games until the full version 1.0 is released. Along with this early access, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released Founder’s Pack. This may make you ask you what is in the set of the founder of Moon breaker and whether it is worth it.

What is included in the set of the founder for Moon breaker?

Founder’s Pack is an exclusive set for early access, in which there are several bonuses and awards. Here is all that you will receive in the set of the founder of Moon breaker.

* 1 Exclusive alternative skin Astra for early access
* 3 sets of 5 colors in each-Captain Astra, Cinder and Produce Pals
* 170-fold increase in pulsars
* 1000x spaces

is it worth buying Founder’s Pack in Moon breaker?

We do no I think that the founder package is worth buying . The only rewards that will give you the advantage in the game are pulsars and forms, while the rest are cosmetic and do not affect the game. Pulsars issued is not worth $24.99, and you can earn Blanks by just playing the game.

If you decide to purchase Founder’s Pack for Moon breaker, make sure you are doing this while it is in early access period. When Moon breaker goes into the full version, Founder’s Pack will no longer be available. This will do skin Astra in the pack of a unique skin, which only players of early access can get.

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