It is always difficult to see clearly and if we expect too much, we are afraid to be disappointed. But Carmine Corp, after all the turns and turns, could finally reach the LEC if everything goes as expected. According to the famous Leaker League of Legends LEC Woo loo’s competitive circuit, the structure has a new plan to join the european elite. Instead of betting on a purchase or a possible expansion of the league, KC would now look for a loan next to Astral is .


We do not know if Riot Games would accept the idea, but it can help Carmine Corp… the French are crossing their fingers so that this occurs.

An Astral is loan?

A slot of LEC is expensive, very expensive. While the price is now estimated at around 30/35 million euros , LEC Woo loo argues that Carmine Corp would not have the cash to buy the Astral is Square, which would be the seller. The sheep points out that at present, although KC has a large fans base, its means remain a bit limited, in particular because, for the moment, the two owners (Cameo and Prime) have not sold part of their capital and the Club is formed entirely.

Therefore, an alternative agreement with Astral is is being considered. The maneuver would consist of lending him the Red Star Plaza. We imagine that the loan (fixed price or % on income will be paid) and that Riot Games will also have to accept this agreement. These are only conjectures, but at the end of the loan period, Carmine Corp could pay the total price of the square, benefiting from the income generated by its participation in the LEC and potentially the World Cup if it ends up qualifying.

On paper, such agreement could be suitable for everyone, even for Riot Games, which can count on KC’s enthusiasm. But we must recognize that this type of agreements has many gray areas… and the organizers, in general, do not like uncertainty. A precedent would also sit, and it is not clear if the LEC wants to standardize this type of loans.

Foot: Hugo Mascot