The 108th Chinese Game Watching Record will deliver a gambling x mystery adventure game Men Sea Casino , which has a love game element of the 80s anime flavor.

This work was distributed by Steam on September 30, 2022, by agreement . Speaking of the intention, Kai Dan mu Faye, a college student, is known as the developer of the main character’s mystery ADV, Hand Karin. In the Chinese Game Viewing Record, we introduced the detective ADV Hawaii Kobayashi Masaryk Kobayashi set in Hong Kong and Kowloon before. There are many works that have been supported in Japanese, and this work can be played in Japanese.

The content of this work is a multi-protagonist ADV, which is set on a luxurious cruise ship and plays one from four protagonists. It is said that Mr. Set’s work character, including Kai Kabuki, will appear. Graphics and movies have retro pop designs and colors reminiscent of 80s anime. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

Enter the cruise ship Reno no Hos hi!

The movie flows after the game starts, but the 80s anime is good, such as how to show the movie, how to use a clear silhouette and a pink color. BGM is also retro pop flavor.

By the way, Code Cracker drawn on the road is a hacker suspense ADV set in the same large city Remain as this work, one of the works of Mr. Set. The person in the image is the protagonist and is one of the multi protagonists of this work. Unfortunately, Japanese is not yet supported.

In the movie, the main character, Kai Haiti, also appeared in the representative work of Mr. Jin, Kiev Kan bun. A coffee addicted college student detective has solved many mysterious cases. Kanji Manage is supported in Japanese, and it is a high quality work with a character standing, so if you are interested in the reasoning ADV, please play it.

When you start the game, first select the hero character. You can choose from 4 people, including Kai Kiki. ??? is the main character of Code Cracker (the original work you can determine the main character’s name yourself). Samurai is the main character of the work Seven days after we die, and is a class chairman with excellent grades. Kama is a billiard master.


This time, I chose Kai Bank. In each character, Charisma (affected conversation with other characters), concealment ability (affected by debt and opponent’s bet), lucky factor Three parameters (affect the result of betting) are set. Kai Kiki has a balanced ability. Each character has three unique skills.

Game difficulty setting. There are four levels from sightseeing (easy) to hell (berry hard). Sightseeing can be saved freely, but the rest is auto-saved. There is also Wetsuit Mai that cannot save roads at all. It’s the first play, so let’s go with sightseeing.

A conversation with a friend of the English club to which Kai Kiki belongs to Your . It seems that a mysterious incident occurred on a cruise ship called Mensa no Hos hi that a dead person was witnessed. However, Kai Bank brown Your’s hairstyle, and Your got angry and left the room. The old ADV game-like graphics have a good taste.

Your alone embarked on a survey of Redmi no Star and did not return. Kai Miami regret not chasing Your, and boarded the Men Kaishinosei. By the way, various meta remarks such as spin-off work come out, and the comedy color is strong.

Just three hours after boarding, Kai’s debt reached 10,000 yuan. Approximately 200,000 yen converted to modern Japanese yen, the story of the mahjong manga Aka also appears. A woman with a sword and handgun on her waist, White Tiger , says, If you can’t pay, why not sell organs?

After receiving the grace time, Kai Saki gambling on the ship and returned his debt. From here, it will be the map movement screen. The ship is from the fourth floor above the ground to the second basement floor, and now only the first floor and B1 can be moved. When the conditions are met, the other floors are unlocked.

Let’s get along with the heroine!

On the map movement screen, conversation and interactive are possible by clicking on people and objects. There was an acquaintance, Outrun , so I got 2000 yuan. Now you have given gambling funds. According to Hikaru, The dealer here will do squid in the event of an emergency.

A woman in a bunny girl had a complaint on customers. She says the woman is Sancho , and she has been suspected of squid because she released blackjack for three consecutive times. The customer is approaching, Return 500, and the twin is no money. I got 2000 yuan earlier, so let’s change it.

You can now talk with Swan. Choose topics and skills and increase the liking of the other party. Topics include anime, games, and trivia, and when you choose, the quiz in that genre starts. There are many geeky problems, and the difficulty is high. If the number of correct answers is large, the liking will increase a lot.

Mini-games such as nervous breakdown and calculation puzzle are also available. Each time you talk, the time goes on, and your debt will be interest. It is better to repay your debt as soon as possible, as it will increase steadily on compound interests.

As the favorability increases, an event occurs. If you get along with the heroine, you will have various effects, such as providing information and being able to advance gambling.

Play on the black jack platform on the map movement screen to return debt! Twelve points on the upper right is the Chinese name of Blackjack. If you look closely, the mini-character of the twin is telling you the numbers on the side of the face of the face-to-face dealer.

The menu allows you to check the skills that can be obtained by favorability. The skill of the twin-sized sensitivity level 1 is peeping . Peek into the cards that the dealer laid down and tell you vaguely like > 5 (bigger than 5). However, even if I understand this, I can’t win easily…

Search the inside of the ship!

When I went to the ship’s deck, there was a woman named KR dressed in a catsuit. She is an acquaintance of her brother, and she belongs to Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization). She seems to cooperate with this ship’s investigation.

When I returned to the ship, there was a cheongsam dress woman on the side of the black jack. She is advised, She shouldn’t bet on Blackjack for a lot of money. She calls her Karin, but apparently the KR of the previous KR is disguised.

In order to get along with Karin, let’s raise your liking in conversation. The skills of favorable level 1 were raising the upper limit of blackjack’s betting money and reducing the interest of debt with a certain probability.

At the bar on the first floor, there was a friend, , a friend who was pretending to be a part-time job and invaded first. Here you can gamble with three digits, hit & blow **. Other than luck, there are puzzle games-like elements, so the difficulty is high.

I thought, Isn’t it better to get along with the heroine and increase your skills rather than winning gambling? If the level of liking rises, mini-games will be more difficult. The nervous breakdown was one row, but now it is now in two rows.

The liking level of the twins is 2, and an event occurs. He seemed to know the clue about You, who is currently searching, but was disturbed by a white tiger during the story. It is necessary to raise the level of liking and proceed with the event.

At the shop, you can get gifts to the heroine and items to acquire new skills. I don’t have much money now, but if you can afford it, let’s increase your skills.

Increase the favorability with Swan, and succeed in obtaining information about Kyoto! It is said that Roman was taken to the laboratory. If you can really help Your, please play with your own hands.

Gambling ADV where you can enjoy the ## agreement world

This work has many characters from Mr. Then’s past work, making it a festive spin-off work. You can play without any problems without knowing the original at all, but if you know it, you can enjoy it even more. It is important to get along with the heroine for this work, and there are also romantic games.

When you start with a different hero, the starting point on the story and ship changes. It was a comedy-like style when it was Kai Bank, but in Samurai it has a horror taste. I also support Japanese, and I think that not only the fans of Mr. Jin, but also those who are not will also enjoy other agreements from this work.

Product information

  • Some game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.