Retail Prime is an improved version of the Revenant, Warframe, who uses Eidolon’s forces. The Reagent can enslave enemy subjects to turn their allies, control the Horde of slaves and suck their health and shields to restore their own. The advanced version of this terrifying Warframe is supplied with enhanced energy, shields, running speed characteristics and added polarities to further improve your assembly. This leadership will tell you which mods to choose to make the best assembly of Revenant Prime in Warframe.

How to build a resist Prime in Warframe

Retail Prime is an extremely tenacious Warframe that can neutralize a huge amount of damage, simultaneously sucking shields and health among enemies. The use of synergy of the first three abilities is the key to the development of the Revenant gameplay. Therefore, players should first focus on creating a high strength of abilities, the duration of abilities, the effectiveness of abilities and the range of abilities.

Below is a forceful assembly with high abilities, guaranteeing that the Remnant supports many Mesmer stacks to negate incoming damage. In addition, high efficiency of abilities allows you to spray Enthrall and Mesmer Skin repeatedly. Here are all mods and lasso for the best assembly of Revenant Prime in Warframe:


Form *: 3
Enemy radar ( aura ): Enemies appear on the minicart
Power drift ( Exiles ): +15% to the strength of skills, +30% to the chance to resist the knockdown.

Ummaced the intensity *: +44% to the strength of abilities, +11% to Tau resistance.
Length : +45% Range of abilities
Primulated stream : +275% to max. energy

Fleeting examination *: +60% to the effectiveness of abilities,-60% to the duration of abilities
Blind rage : +99% to the strength of skills,-55% to the effectiveness of skills.
Permissible resistance : +55% of skill strength,-27.5% to the duration of skills.
narrow-minded *: +99% to the duration of abilities,-66% to the range of abilities.
The secrets of Augur *: +24% to the strength of abilities, 40% of the energy spent on the ability is converted into shields.


Sorcery Energy *: with a probability of 60%, you get 150 units. Energy for yourself and allies within a radius of 15 meters when you raise the sphere of energy.
Enhanced : *** Get additional power of ability to kill. Summarized to 250 times.

School Focus

Energy transmission * ( Madurai ): ** Get up to 100% additional critical damage when you switch to your operator. Get up to 40% of the additional speed of application of abilities when you switch to your Warframe.

How to play a resist Prime in Warframe

The Remnant is one of the most tenacious war framers because of his ability to nullify all the damage while he can support his Mesmerism stacks. As already mentioned, the use of its first three abilities in tandem is the most effective way to easily destroy enemies. The following are all the abilities of Revenuer Prime in Warframe:

to captivate *-using his first ability, enslave, the Revenge turns the goal into a zealous slave. Slaves turn against their allies and turn them into slaves with the help of damage. Revenant can captivate up to seven enemies at the same time. After death, the trawls break up into a destructive pole of energy. The horde of the tr allows will remain under the control of the resist until the ability ends.
Skin Mesmer Activation of this ability covers the Revenant with rational energy, allowing him to receive Mesmer charges, which directly depend on the strength of his abilities. While the Skin Mesmer is active, the revelatory absorbs Mesmer’s stacks to negate all incoming damage and stun the enemies that attack him. The Reagent can use the enslavement for stunned purposes without energy costs.
To kidnap -the third ability of the Revenant, Leave, turns it into a wall of intelligent energy. With activated Leave, he can rush through the enemies with lightning speed, sucking their health and shield. The effects of exhaustion and recovery are improved for slaves.
Death Dance *-Rel anger erupted the many energy rays of Eidolon, which rush around him, causing damage to the enemies, whom he amazes. Rays with a change in the type of damage to choose the protection of the target, and any incoming damage during the use of the ability will be redirected into rays. Holding fire during a caste will increase the effects of status and damage due to higher energy consumption. In addition, the trails killed by the dance of death will be dropped by shields.

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