One of the performances that caught the most attention in The Batman’s film, was the attitude of one of his villains, El Penguins, Since he proved to be a person at the height of calling himself evil. For that reason, he will feature his own Spin-Off for the HBO Max platform, and some details related to this production have been revealed.

This is what the character’s actor commented, Colin Farrell, regarding the plot:

The penguin starts approximately one week after the movie The Batman ends. So Gotham is still a bit underwater. I read the first script of the first episode, and start with my feet placing in the water in the Falcon office. Even that, I read it, and said: ‘Oh, heavens’. It is lovely. It is very well written.

On the other hand, Lauren Le franc (Hemlock Grove, Marvel’s Agents of Shield) is writing the script and performs as Showrunner in the spin-off of The Batman , program produced by Farrell, Matt Reeves and Dylan Clark .

Farrell continued explaining:

The world that Matt Reeves created for The Batman is one that deserves a deeper look through Oswald Cobble pot’s eyes. He could not be more excited to continue with this Oz exploration as he climbs through the dark ranks to become the penguin. It will be good to have it back in the streets of Gothic City for a little madness and some chaos.

The series still has no release date.


Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: The Batman’s film was a great show, so continuing with this Gothic city before having the sequel in form will be very entertaining. Hopefully they soon give us more news.