KT. Software has distributed CyberBlocker Complete Edition for PC (Steam), which combines block collapse and shooting games.

This work is a transplanted version that has been added to the same name game developed and distributed in the Nintendo Switch software 4, adding additional stages, additional self-machines, challenge mode, etc., and enhanced graphics. It is a game that adds a shooting game element to the block break. Equipped with a gauge power-up system, shooting shots to accumulate power-up gauge, and you can break the block to attack.

Includes 27 stages and challenge mode. It is said that you can enjoy a variety of boss battles for every five stages. It is said that it can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced users because the difficulty can be adjusted by the choice. In the challenge mode for score attacks, we aim to increase the score in all 8 stages per stage 30 seconds.

CyberBlocker Complete Edition, which has a free trial version that can be played up to stage 5, is being distributed for PC (Steam). At a regular price of 990 yen, a 10%off release commemorative sale is being held for one week from the start of distribution.