To say that plague tale requiem is full of information would be to fall short. There are threads of the plot inherited from plague tale innocence, new stories that have great importance for the broader narrative and history drops that can leave you immensely lost if you do not catch them. That is why we are here to summarize the entire explanation of the story and the end of plague tale requiem in a way that should make it easier to understand and understand.

However, in case it was not obvious: WARNING: Spoilers of the complete history later.

Summary of the History of Requiem by Plague Tale

Chapters 1-5

It is better to start with a summary of everything that happens in the game.

The story of Plague Tale Requiem begins six months after Asia and Hugo successfully defeated Vitals and the Inquisition. Everything has been peaceful, and the two have traveled in the countryside in search of a new home with their mother, Beatrice, and his friend Lucas of the first game. They are currently on their way to the Red City, which is the home of a prominent alchemist of the order that can shed light on how to further remedy Hugo’s condition.

It is shown that they are playing together in the field, exploring the ruins of a castle while Hugo intends to be a king. Hugo and Alicia play with Lucas for a while before he has to return to his studies, and then the two go to a river where they meet a child. The three enjoy a game together before the child returns home, and then Alicia and Hugo enter more in the ruins of a nearby castle.

Unfortunately, this idyllic day becomes tragedy quickly. Alicia and Hugo run into a private bees farm after a raid of thieves, and the owners intend to kill anyone who believe that he is a thief. This forces Alicia and Hugo to sneak over the property, but before they can escape, they discover the child they were playing with. His work was to watch the thieves, and since they sneaked as he was not, his family plans to kill him as punishment.

Desperate for saving the child, Alicia attacks her family members and manages to kill one of them stab, but then she is quickly subjected. They are about to kill her, but before they can, Hugo summons the rats to devour them while she loses knowledge for stress.

While she does, she begins to fall into a recurring dream she has had for weeks on a distant island with two large mountains. A Phoenix guides him inwards and, while he does, the macular extends more and more by his body. He gets worse and worse until he can barely move, and is about to collapse when he and the Phoenix reach a tree and a small pond. He then touches the water of the pond and, as if by magic, the macular stops and disappears.

Furthermore, he then realizes that it is a sign of how to cure his disease. However, before he can ask the bird more about the location of the island and if he can take someone else there with him, he wakes up in a car with Alicia, Beatrice and Lucas. Alicia brought it back and hid the fact that they were attacked by the farmers, hoping that it was not a problem once they arrived in the city.

Then, the group reaches a control post that leads to the red city, but before they can cross, they are seen by the owner of the property where Alicia and Hugo killed the beekeepers. Then, the group separates and Alicia is forced to make its way through the men of the owner of the property. She does it, even killing a man who was willing to kill her mother in retaliation.

After the fight, it is shown that Alicia is deeply shocked by the events, while Hugo has passed out once again. Beatrice tries to calm Alicia, but she can’t do much to help her before they get the way to the red city again.

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After a while passes, they arrive at their destination. Everything is at peace, and the whole group sees this new place as a place they could call home. However, in a short time, Hugo’s condition begins to deteriorate due to Macular’s advance. Then, Alicia and Lucas have to go out to the city to find Magister Audio, the alchemist of the order who has the best opportunity to treat Hugo.

As the two advance more in the city, they begin to glimpse what it really is like. The plague and rats have reached the poorest parts of the city, and the ruler of the city, the Count of Provence, has allowed his men to put in quarantine and exterminate the residence to keep the spread of the scourge at bay. Some soldiers end up trying to kill Alicia and Hugo, and Alicia ends up killing these soldiers.

After crossing the poorest part of the city, they arrive in Master Audio in a tower. He proves to be a concise man, but he goes with them to see Hugo. After several hours of treatment, he and Beatrice manage to stabilize his condition a bit, but only temporarily. They need Nightshade to stabilize it even more, so Alicia and Lucas venture again to get something from the main herbalist of the city.

Then, the two make their way through the outskirts of the city towards a herbalist with the night shadow they need. However, while they do, their worst fears come true: rats have reached the city with all their strength and are already ready to devour it in the same way they did in Guyana.

Count soldiers are braking the best they can, but his tactics look more like a war strategy than to an adequate quarantine. The innocent are being mass murdered, and are on their way to kill the city themselves before the rats can be treated. They even kill the herbalist that Alicia and Hugo were sent to search, which forced them to go to the herbalist property on the outskirts of the city to find the grass they needed.

The two finally reach the property, but the soldiers roam the land in search of plants that can be used to stay healthy while purifying the city of infected. Alicia’s stress and mental condition are getting worse, so Lucas offers to sneak in his account to get the necessary plants. Alicia reluctantly accepts, but after Lucas does not return for a while, she pursues him despite his condition. She then finds Lucas captured by some soldiers, who threaten to kill him.

She then enraged, killing almost all soldiers before her leader, the beast, stops her. Both she and Lucas are taken to the base of the soldiers for her execution, but before they can be killed, Lucas uses an alchemical concoction to blind her captors. Then they make their way through and outside the base, grabbing a little belladonna from a warehouse while they do.

Then, the two return home and give the Nightshade to Audio. He is cold for his late arrival and rebukes Alicia when she gets angry because he is not friendlier at Hugo’s suffering. In particular, she states that a protector must know when he ends his role. He then reveals to Alicia that Hugo’s condition is terminal and that he will die as part of the cleaning of the macular in his third and final development threshold.

He then says that the best course of action is to stabilize his condition even more and take him to Marseille, where the main headquarters of the order is located. Once there, Hugo can be contained and monitored until his death so that Macular does not send rats to a destructive frenzy. He sends Alicia and Lucas again to communicate with a ship captain who will take them to the headquarters of the order.

While they start, Alicia shares her growing frustrations with Lucas and begins to try to think about another solution to Hugo’s problems. She then remembers Hugo’s dream, which he mentioned as they traveled to the red city. She also realizes that Audio had a fresco on his tower that represented an island with two mountains and a phoenix flying through the surrounding sky. This serves as sufficient proof for her that the island is real, and Lucas admits that it can be her best option.

Then, the two make their way through the springs of the city before finding the captain of this ship. His name is Isaac, and he is an experienced shooter with deep links with the order. However, as they approach the city, the rats begin to enter frenzy, destroying everything in their path.

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Concerned by Hugo, Alicia runs through the butcher shop towards the location of her brother. Once she arrives, she finds him convulsing after being pushed too far by Audio’s treatments. While she tries to help him, Audio dies when a building caused by the wave of rats that destroy the city. Then, Alicia guides her and Hugo’s mother to the Isaac boat, and sail away from the butcher shop of the red city collapse.

Then, the group is directed towards Marseille through the river, but the drift remains of the red city block their path. While Alicia and Lucas clean these remains, Alicia realizes that it is unlikely that Hugo will recover unless they change the course of her island; Which, given the loyalty and belief of Beatrice in the order, will not happen.

However, before he can meet with his mother and make a last plea to believe in Hugo’s dream, a band of mercenaries led by The Wall the ambrosia. Alicia defends himself and kills a few decent, but finally kill Isaac and force Alicia to get away from the group. She then is persecuted by her leader, who hit her head that leaves her seriously injured. This enrages Hugo, and he uses her control of her rats to prevent Arnaud from matte.

This leaves the two separated from Lucas and Beatrice, but instead of regrouping with them, Alicia and Hugo agree to leave in search of the island on their own.

Chapters 6-11

To Plague Tale Requiem then goes to his second act, in which Alicia and Hugo leave in search of a cure that can stop the macular.

However, it does not spend much time before this turns out to be too much for Alicia to drive it al1. While traveling through the field, the wound in Alicia’s head worsens because she does not receive proper treatment. She and Hugo treat him the best they can and then find a pilgrim camp on a religious journey. However, they cannot collect much information from them, since the soldiers of the Count of Provence arrive in search of Alicia. She looks for her comrades and she is ready to be executed.

After a priest of the pilgrim group helps them escape, the two arrive at a quarry full of soldiers. Alicia deals with as many as she can, but her wound worsens and finally leaves her incapacitated. This forces Hugo to control the nearby rats to kill them, which increases Macular control over him. This eventually incapacitates him, and Alicia is forced to take him to a safe place even in her injured state so that they are not consumed by the furious wave of rats. Shortly after, she meets the beast again, but it’s…