Neo wiz unveiled a bird’s eye view of the G-Star 2022, which was decorated with the false theme of P. The G-Star 2022 Neo wiz booth, made of a straight open structure, is designed to be able to meet the false theme of the anticipation of the anticipated.

The booth concept contains the background and settings of P adaptation of Paris, France, at the end of the 19th century. Based on the ruined city ‘Rat’, which is the main stage of the game, a huge arched window where light leaks and a fair chairman and a train station located in Rat, etc. I implemented it.

At the top of the front, a total of three large LED screens will be installed, exhibiting the background of Rat, the false scenario of P, and the gamePlay video. In the center of the booth, a huge stone statue reminiscent of Pietà, and the Pinocchio Statue on it adds a dynamic and tragic feeling.

Around the stone statue, there was an experience zone consisting of 50 PCs, allowing visitors to play the false P. On the right side of the booth, the photo zone was prepared in the background of the false souvenirs of P, the false souvenirs of P, and the Cathedral of Rat City.

On the other hand, at the left end of the booth, a separate studio will be installed for the false Play video shooting and transmission of P.