The world of cosplay has grown constantly in our times, so today there are several artists and models that live from creating their costumes and exhibiting them through photos and attending anime events. Although they are not only limited to Japanese animation, since they also address video games and now, a girl from Brazil decided to pay tribute to Resident Evil.

The girl known as Shermie-Cosplay made a calla of one of the favorite female characters of the fans, ADA Wong , who has been in the saga since the second chapter of the story. Highlighting for their combat skills, and especially the figure that gives off the protagonist Leon , especially in the brand’s fourth video game.

Here you can see some photos:

It is worth mentioning that Sherrie not only has content related to Resident Evil , since he has also prepared costumes of large franchises such as Tomb Raider, Batman, Spider-Man, One Piece, The Witcher and even Lollipop Chainsaw . So fans who want to support it can buy the material on their Patreon page or follow it in networks.

Remember that Resident Evil 4 Remake comes out next year. There we will see another design of Ada Wong .

Via: Deviant art

Editor’s note: It is quite incredible how people dedicated to Cosplay manage to get outflows so faithful to the original material. Undoubtedly, he was excellent cosplay of the undercover agent of the re.