It’s an incredible time to face the monitor and look at the clock, and I think it’s there is for gamers. After all, in the media of high interactive games, the degree of immersion in acting as a character is high, and if you notice it, the time will pass in no time.

I think there are multiple factors that make dive into the game world more strong. There are countless productions that make you think you don’t want to release your controller, such as the tempo of play, the story that will never get tired, and the details that tickle your adventure.

But one of the most motivations to continue playing is endless. The Gotham Knights introduced in this paper is a typical example, and a strong enemy organization and an endless crime set in Gotham City, which was expressed in a vast open world. It is an action RPG depicting. Yes, you can do justice hammering a crime that literally springs out like a spring.

Gotham Knights is set in a world view of the American comic Batman, with four Bat Girls, Night Wing Red Food Robin, and the growth through the fight against powerful enemies. Be painted. For domestic, it is on sale on PS5/PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X | S.

Speaking of Gotham City, Batman has a strong image, but in this work, the story begins from the scene where Batman (Bruce Wayne) died. Four protagonists left in Gotham City, which Batman had protected from the shadows, grew up as a new hero (dark night), based on cases where Batman had been pursuing before life, and became an existence to protect the city. I’m going.

In addition, although I am not bright in the Batman series (a bit of a recent movie), there is also an archive that can understand the story of this work and also confirm detailed character settings. So you don’t have to worry too much about your knowledge. It would be okay if Gotham City would just understand that it was a ridiculous place that spreads crime.

This work is an action game that expresses Gotham City in the open world and switches the four protagonists of Bat Girl Night Wing Red Food Robin while solving crimes and events that occur in the city. 。 Each of the four protagonists has the same action, but have individuality in the direction of growth through abilities, such as the power specializing in attacks and the power specialized in stealth. We use the points obtained by level up to unlock the abilities, but the level is shared by four people, so it is nice that there is no need to rewrite each time the character is switched.

Gotham City, a city of crime, I can’t do it

At first glance, it seems that the open world of this work does not do that much. Rather than density, it is a state where what you do is rolling around. If you are actually searching for the city, you will witness that criminal acts are taking place everywhere. The security is bad, such as gangs destroying a safe and trying to steal gold, clay-like monsters, and police and citizens are being attacked. If you find them, one of the battles that occurs in the open world of this work is to set up a dashing air attack from the roof of the building and stand in front of the criminals and lose.

These can be through, but by interrogating these small criminals, you can also hear the crime plan that will occur the next day. This allows you to discover even bigger crimes, such as a hostage case with a bomb, a plan to flow illegal radio waves, and a criminal organization trading, and stops them, and stop them. ), The action is opened, and the story is related to the story. Not only can you enjoy the feeling of making a big crime rooted in the city from a small crime, but also increasing your ability and action.

The chain of this crime is one of the elements that makes the experience of this work more immersive, and is a motivation to solve the crime found while patrolling Gotham City, and the city and the story. The relationship is dense.

The battle where the story progresses greatly has a road, but the battle in the open world that explores the clues is also a point that the road does not sandwich the road, and the sense of investigating in the city is more seamless. 。

Again, this city is insecure anyway. If you move a little, the police car siren will resound from the valley of the building, and you will hear someone’s screams and gunshots. If you think it’s fun to hit the criminals while jumping on what kind of crime you will find by stopping these crimes, you can forget the time and enjoy it.

In addition, as mentioned above, by doing the challenge, new actions and side stories are opened, so what is the battle, such as defeating certain enemies necessary for achieving them or stopping criminal planning. It is unlikely that a meaningless battle will occur, as it often leads to the purpose.

Roll play as a new dark hero of Gotham

And it’s fun to hit the criminal purely. This work, a classic 3D action game, has a simple design, focusing on melee and long-range attacks, using a technique that consumes a gauge that accumulates with these attacks. There are also equipment such as weapons and armor using the material obtained in the battle, and a small custom element called MOD. There is a little Hasura element, such as a weapon dropping when the enemy is defeated, and it is easy to find some reasons for hitting criminals.

Battles in accordance with the grammar of the basic action game, such as using abilities and determining the order of defeat, have a good tempo in a safe city. In this work, the battle is a big axis of gameplay, but the role play as Dark Hero fighting the crime that is occurring in Gotham City is at the center. I played a little difficulty (specifically to struggle with the middle boss a bit), but it seemed very cool to beat the criminals in the city. The joy of actually moving the dark hero, which many players envision, suddenly appearing and defeating the bad guys, such as the finisher in defeating the last enemy or the grapple described below to defeat the bad guys. Is big, and the essence of this work feels like that. The difficulty level can be changed freely from four stages, so it is a good idea to adjust the difficulty and challenge each battle with a response and strategy.

Beautifully drawn Gotham City

The beautiful city is indispensable as an element that enhances your mood with the role play. This work has just forgotten the release of the previous generation aircraft (PS4/Xbox One version) version, and the details such as the shadow and the surface of the water are drawn firmly, and the Gotham City is very beautiful. Ming and darkness are drawn firmly, such as the beautiful night view created by the sharp streetlights and the front, the rain that has fallen, the steam that boils from the gutter, and the air flowing on the roof of the building. One of the features is one of them. In principle, this work is set in the night, so it is a lot of time to see the part where the dark part of the city is overflowing (mainly crime), but the beauty of the historical buildings and night views at the other end is the beauty of the other end. The reality and the reality of the city of Gotham City, the entire screen is compelling.

There are also a variety of ways to move in the beautiful city. One is a grapple, which can be moved at high speed by hooking on the roof and streetlights of the building. The twilight time on the roof of the skyscrapers is also interesting. The grapple is useful in the battle, and it is also available, such as moving the beams above the enemy and launching stealth attacks. Batman also has a familiar bat cycle (motorcycle), not only running through the main street exhilarating, but also moving in a small area, such as underground and densely populated, is like a movie scene. You can taste the thrill. There are also challenges to aim for a goal through checkpoints, so it is interesting to play on the detour. In addition, red food can be used by hacking the movement methods prepared for each character, such as the Mystical Leap, which creates an energy scaffold, and the Glider of the bat girl, and the Gotham Police dr1. A wide range of movement methods, such as fast travel, has a design that does not disturb the experience.

Story that is fascinated in the rich cut scene

A scene like a movie scene cannot be missed even in the cut scene. In this work, there will also be a familiar villain in Batman’s world, such as Harley Quinn, whose madness is rehabilitated (?) And a clay man who burns revenge, Clay Face. The main story is to gradually approach the organizations that have been treated like urban legends in Gotham City for a long time, and what Batman was doing before his birth. In the cut scene, there are many elaborate conversation scenes like a movie, many spectacular action scenes, and different lines are prepared for each hero you are being manipulated, so it is very rich. 。

It is also a big point that it supports online cooperation for two people. This work will be one of the influential options if you are looking for a game that can be done with friends because you can fight Gotham City in the open world and proceed with the story mission together. 。 The author happened to play with a foreign friend who happened to meet for a long time, but the feeling of co-fighting with each other was unfortunately demonstrated in Gotham City, where crime is constant, and he stops the crime and goes to search for the next crime. The play that I don’t know which is barbaric, forget the time and play all the time.

As I mentioned, the battle, growth elements for each character, the story colored in the rich cut scene, the city expressed in beautiful graphics, and this work have many charms. However, on the stage of Gotham City, the immersion feeling that continues to face crimes is an overwhelming attraction in this work. The pleasure of leading crimes and finding more crimes, and the experience that leads to a story and leads to a large shadow organization can literally be enthusiastic enough to forget time. Why don’t you step into Gotham City as a hero who succeeds Batman’s will and just beat the (hammer) of justice?

Gotham Knights is on sale for PS5/PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X | S.