Electronic Arts has announced that the gameplay video of Season 3: ESCALATION of battlefield 2042 will be released on November 18 (Japan time).

In Season 3, new weapons, maps, specialists, etc. will be added, and the existing map Manifest and Breakout will be renovated.

Season 3 has the progress of development on the official website, and various elements and initiatives are introduced in videos.

In this season, a new specialist Zane will be added, and the addition of weapons such as A-91 that appeared in BF3 and XM8 that appeared in Bad Company was also found.

The new map is set to Swedish industrial facilities, according to the official information, and is introduced in the video as a small and overcrowded infantry warfare map. Speaking of Sweden, it was also the location of the headquarters of DICE, and there were some scenes that commented, It is fresh for the Battlefield series and is a place where we DICE are also attached.

In the subsequent updates 3.1 and 3.2, the existing maps, Manifests and Break-away, have been renovated. Based on the player’s feedback, the map conductor and the position of the shields seem to be changed.

In addition, in the latter half of Season 3, specialists will be reviewed, and the system of works so far will be revived, and various bonuses will be obtained by the status of stillness. It seems that.

This work is about to celebrate a year since the release of the turbulence. Also pay attention to future update information including Season 3. Season 3 gameplay video will be released from 1:00 am on November 18 (Japan time).