A game that enjoys the story that has already been made. The Quantico Dream has expanded the space of a given story. The player plays the game with a wider range of choices in a large space. There are many things you can do, you can choose, and accordingly, the structure and content of the story are different. And this is not just a scene, but a clear change and a result in other sequences and other stories.

The free stories of this Quantico dream led to ‘Heavy Lane’, ‘Beyond to Souls’ and ‘Detroit: Beacon Human’.

It was possible because the philosophy of David Cage Quantico Dream, who played as a writer and director of all works, melted. Naturally, the short interview with him was in line with the growth of the 25th anniversary of the Quantico Dream and the goal of implementing the game.

The work of Quantico Dream, centered on storytelling, has influenced many games around the story today. He left a big axis in the genre, leaving a big foot in the industry.

However, Cage, the key figure of the company, is not a game from the beginning. He has been a composer for quite some time, and one day he entered the game development, and in 1997 he established a Quantico dream and released the first studio’s first work, Omicron: Nomad Soul.


He cited the integration of the game as the reason for his foot in the game industry. Cage was also interested in literary works and movies. And the game was a media that could cover many of these genres. Recalling that he was a big gamer early on, he tried to combine storytelling and his favorite game. The game, such as movies, motion effects, music elements, and storytelling, was able to capture a lot of elements.

Beyond the expression of music or storytelling, a game that combines a variety of genre characteristics may have been the best area for him to choose.

Nomad Soul has this challenging goal. What you want to do is a game that you can hold. This goal has achieved some achievements, and the player can battle in the game, drive, shoot guns, and also faithfully contains the story.

In particular, the adventure games of French developers, such as David Cage, such as Erik Shaw’s ‘Another World’ and Paul Quiz’s ‘Flash Bag’, which were famous at the time, were very popular. Games like Lucas Arts’ Indiana Jones also portrayed the adventure in the framework of the adventure. He also implemented basic goals in the genre of action adventure.

However, Nomad Soul only showed the world of the world of Quantico dreams today. On the contrary, ‘Part Height’, which relieves the framework of action adventure and highlights its identity as an adventure, has announced the beginning of today’s Quantico dream.

‘Far White’ was literally a turning point of the Quantico dream by borrowing what the representative of the cage said on the day.

By 2005, when Fahrenheit was released, the trend of adventure was open world. It has begun to implement a world that can be explored relatively freely. The attempts of Cage and Quantico Dream to reduce exploration elements were the act of reversing the so-called trends.

The representative of the cage felt that he felt like he was focusing on storytelling. And I tried to conduct various experiments through this work. The games of the Quantico dreams released in the future have gained weight on what’s accumulated in Far White, and grown with new branches.

Various choices and stories that change clearly accordingly. In the 25-year Quantico Dream history, the work that gave the studio personality was clearly ‘Far White’.

However, the development of ‘Far White’ has not been welcomed since the beginning of development. At the time of development, the pure adventure was on the rise, and many game companies focused on shooters and actions. Someone pointed out that the adventure was an old-fashioned representative.

I didn’t want to create the same adventure. The narrative of the Quantico Dream Adventure aimed to solve the puzzles and solve it through the items in the tory.

A typical example is the morning routine of the main character. The characters in the game, along with the player’s manipulation, wake up in the bed in the morning, take a shower, change clothes, drink coffee, and share a simple farewell with his wife before going to work.

It may seem like no big deal, but if you remember the games at the time, it was an experience that would flash. The main character in the action game was a strong man with a strong ability. However, the protagonist in the game of Quantico Dream has opened up the possibility that we can realize our daily lives in the game.

While manipulating the daily appearance of greeting the morning with my wife and drinking coffee, the player builds intimacy with the character. I have attached to the character. I realized that it was possible.

The possibility of Keeping through ‘Fahrenheit’ was convinced and applied to the game of Quantico Dream, including ‘Heavy Lane’. However, in the sequel, there is a part that can be found, which is the element of the game over.

Even in ‘Far White’, there was a ATE in a specific section in the game. If the player fails to perform the necessary action properly, he returned the player to the pre-failure section. There was a kind of game over.

In fact, it is not easy to capture active play elements for players within actions such as shooting, jumping and escape. However, if the game was drawn out of such action elements, the narrative in the game that the Quantico dreams has implemented so far would not have been effectively delivered.

In the end, ATE was needed to draw an action sequence based on interactive storytelling, which actively links choices and results. At least at that time.

I wanted to do everything, whether it was a battle or chase, and I interacted in the process. ATE was the first solution we thought and incorporated it with ‘Far White’.

However, if you look at the latest film Detroit: Beacon Human, you can see that it has improved. We are also looking for the answer.

There is no clear game over in the game of Quantico Dream today. The options are not right and wrong, but the result of changing the choice based on the moral beliefs of each player, and the other story.

There’s another thing that’s not included in the Quantico dream game with the game over, so it’s a skip element that skips a cold or a specific session. The latest film, Detroit: Beacon Human, only contains the ability to go to the chapter you have already played. As many games based on storytelling adopted it early, it is easy to expect that the difficulty of functioning will not be large.

The Cage representative did not consider this function implementation. I hoped that the player could enjoy each god a little deeper. In addition, the choice of choices does not change the same scene as much as the content changes.

Choosing an option that you have never tried before and challenging. That was the Quantico dream and the goal of the Cage representative. Therefore, the play that enjoys the game quickly and enjoys it.

We also proceeded with a clear goal of celebrity use.

Nomad Soul, the first work of Quantico Dream, was embodied in two characters, with a tremendous influence on the music market around the world, and Beyond to Souls, such as Willem Dough and Elliott Page, participated in the early days. Brian Deceit in Connor has gained a greater fame with the popularity of ‘Detroit: Beacon Human’.

In some cases, it is seen as a marketing approach. The quality of the game is not good, so it is a criticism that hiring celebrities.

There may be more disadvantages than the advantages.

Not famous, but their ability, acting is the reason why they were chosen as the motion capture actor of the game. Cage himself can produce an image as much as possible to the role of the story he envisioned. A person who can perform the acting in the game, which is more difficult than the existing acting method. That was the core of casting.

In fact, these talented actors shined in each work, and based on him, they could tell the story of the game on the screen.

The game of Quantico Dream tells the story of the real world, not just actors. Discrimination against humanity, artificial intelligence and AI, minorities. This story is not just a theme that is completely created for the game. It was a problem in the game, such as conflict in reality.

Even in the game industry, there are certain people that video games should not deal with reality problems, Cage said. However, many media, not games, and many arts that do not have a genre should be able to deal with everything without limitations. That’s the idea of a representative of the cage.

The player can be a position of another person through the medium of the game and can experience how it feels. It is to be a person who is not directly related to the problem of the difficult, but obviously the real world.

Of course, the Quantico Dream also felt pressure to capture the story in the game. In the team, there was a discussion of whether to direct this way, to express topics, or not.

Looking back, this approach eventually made a lot of criticism. So I have more courage to deal with the real world problems. I was very proud and could be imprinted on the DNA of the studio called Quantico Dream.

However, as mentioned in the last lecture, he said he should approach it carefully when dealing with problems. Even if the problem in reality is not just used as a laughter