A series that has gradually released in Netflix is that of Dojos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean, which is basically at all to reach its respective arc final. So to appease things, the streaming platform has been releasing advances, all in order to raise the emotion to make a marathon of the respective chapters of the saga.

The video is focused on the most important characters of the work, which are fighting one of the most complicated challenges that have been seen today. For their part, the animations are first level, so fans could think that each of the episodes are as a film for cinema.


Here you can check the new video:

For those who do not know the series, this is the synopsis:

In 2011, in a prison by Port St. Lucie, Florida; Jolene CJH, daughter of Jo taro, is unfairly accused of a crime that did not commit and sent to a maximum security prison. While she is imprisoned, she fights within a long plot agreed between the non-miluer villain and the Enrico Gucci ideologist.

Remember that the episodes of 25 to 38 will be available from December 1.