To find out what nature is best suited for Pokémon may be difficult due to the large number of options that players have. Nature has a great influence on the effectiveness of Pokémon in battle, so it is important that the players carefully choose. This leadership can help players find the best nature for Group and also Arcadian in Pokémon Scarlet and Wales.


What is the best suitable for Growlithhe & Ar canine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Group and Arkansan are extremely popular Pokémon, such as Sanitarian. The best natures for Growth and Ar canine in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Lonely (+attack, Protection)
  • Naughty (+attack,-special protection)

Players will do everything possible, choosing such natures as lonely or naughty for their canine. This is due to the fact that Pokémon already has incredible attack statistics and access to some truly powerful techniques of physical attack. To take advantage of this, players must choose a nature that increases the basic characteristics of the attack.

How to choose the best nature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players who want to choose the best nature for Pokémon should look at its basic statistics and also move the pool. The nature of Pokémon should differently reflect both of these things. Nature should increase the best basic characteristic and lower the worst.

The pool of the Pokémon movements is important because nature should increase the characteristics that will be most used in battle. Pokémon, which mainly use special attacks, will best cope with nature that strengthens a special attack, while users of physical attack will best cope with the basic nature that enhances the attack. The table below can help players make a choice based on all available options.

Best Nature Map in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nature Increased characteristics Reduced characteristics
Lonely Attack Protection
Adamant Attack Special attack
Naughty Attack Special protection
Brave Attack Speed
Brave Protection Attack
mischievous Protection Special attack
Lax Protection Special protection
Relaxed Protection Speed
Modest Special attack Attack
Insignificant Special attack Protection
Rash Special attack Special protection
Quiet Special attack Speed
Calm Special protection Attack
Delicate Special protection Protection
Caution Special protection Special attack
Daring Special protection Speed
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Protection
Cheerful Speed Special attack
Naive Speed Special protection

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