The FIFA dismisses its power, said Tillich and emphasized: This is the last statement of bankruptcy for a football, whose guidelines are determined by FIFA according to the Gutnerrart. Follow.

President One Gottlieb from the second department soccer group FC St. Pauli has actually greatly attacked the FIFA football association.

The World Cup 2022 (…) will go down in history as a World Cup, wrote the president on the club side and in the social channels.

The conversation about the armband already shows how fundamentally incorrect the awarding of the 2022 World Cup by the World Football Association, said the 46-year-old club manager.

FC St. Pauli will continue to stand and battle for another, solidarity and simply football, was his statement.

The trigger was the ban on the One-Love style, which wanted to use the captains of some Western European groups at the World Cup in Qatar.