At the moment the world of social networks is made, the first example of them is neither more nor less than Twitter, since the decisions of its new owner have not been the best. For its part we also have Meta, a company that presented some losses, and now, it is said that the owner of it, Mark Zuckerberg could resign.


According to what is mentioned in the environment known as The Leak, this resignation to the company of millions of dollars would be voluntary by the founder who has not left its project basically from the foundations. Although it is also said, that this farewell could be due to external pressures of investors and partners.

However, the company will continue with the plan already established, since for some months they are betting on the option of metaverse, which has not yet ended up giving in the nail. For now, they continue to explore the use of virtual reality glasses, so they will try to get at the forefront of others and that eventually the public is hooked.

Also, according to a report from the Financial Times of October, investors expressed their frustration with Zuckerberg’s plan to double the investment in metaphor. This occurred after an open letter from Brad Gartner, whose Altimeter Capital fund has hundreds of millions of dollars in target shares.

For now, you have to wait for confirmations.