Being content creator today is something that is quite fashionable. Little by little, there are more people who live from this and this work that 10 years was quite despised by the public is increasingly normalized. Currently, many have reaped everything they have created throughout all these years, such as Autoplay or Rubies, while others such as IAI or Will Juan have given the bombing in a short period of time thanks to Twitch.

However, not everyone has stayed and many have been the ones who have chosen to make the leap to what they truly love since childhood and set aside content creation to venture into new horizons. In this article we will remind you of several YouTubers who abandoned their position as a content creator to continue with their path away from the internet spotlights… at least as YouTuber.

Hector el crack

We start with a classic that may not know some, but who is someone who was well known among the creators of content of the time. Hectorelcrack began his adventures on YouTube like any other kid at that time: he bought a captured and upload his games commented to the Google platform to share it with his colleagues. But it was with the interviews edited by the same when he grew exponentially, talking with characters that are currently superstar like There, Lewiston communicates or a legend called Musk.

Currently, Hector has set aside the entire YouTube world to focus on his most ambitious project: Recreates. It is a paper masks template store where their designs sell so that people can put it in special moments. The brand has reached many places, such as the Twenty One Pilots group, Adolfo Domínguez or Media set


The father of practically all who will talk on this list, the creator of the Atalanta gave a chair about how to create content at a time when there was nothing. Isaac was the referent of those who began a decade ago, with sketches that we will all remember and a daily series that we will all remember until our last days: Café with Lou.

Currently, Isaac is finally dedicated to what he had been dreaming from a very young age, comics cartoonist, with an overflowing success thanks to his work Magma, Taxes. Using the folklore of different areas of Spain, it has reaped very good reviews for their works, and this 2022 has launched its most personal comic, Plea mar baths, where it changes drastically gender to give us a very interesting point of view about your life.


No, it’s not a joke; Bizarre in its beginnings was YouTuber of what was seen in Argentina during the years 2016 and 2017: the battles of roosters. The fifth step of Also (ASY A) and Mufasa was a true media bomb in his time, giving voice to young people wanting to rappel who later jumped to stardom like Duke, Paulo Sondra or Was. Its content was based on collecting funny and remix moments of different minutes quite well-made like Dani’s that titled Locos Combos.

Currently, little more to say about him; Possibly the most famous Spanish-speaking producer today, Bizarre has created true bombings such as Acevedo, Kathy Plus or Antillano villain.

Lag is lag

Dagestan began almost 10 years ago on YouTube, with a very small team of young people who aimed to express their art and humor with animation techniques and special effects that they were learning during the time. Little by little and through very well worked sketches, they won respect for the public and lifted with a good amount of followers in a short time.

That is when Dagestan went from a group of friends who uploaded videos to YouTube to become a producer and agency in charge of making several of the most prominent videos in the Spanish eSports of today as the signing of IAI by G2 eSports, several videos of Heretics or 10 years of League of Legends.


The spokesman of the Barrio de la Coca also had a past like YouTuber, although it is true that we all remember them in their childhood for the battles of roosters in the fifth step. Mateo Palacios was a very young creator of talent content who really wanted to eat the world, making typical videos of the time as testing sweets in the country who visits with his family and friends, advice for his subscribers or daily vlogs.


However, this step by YouTube was brief and soon realized that its passion was music, first with La Salamander and then with successes with Bizarre and Nicki Nicole as their freestyle sessions or Maricela.

Filthy Frank and BO Burnham

Last but not much less important we want to add two creators of content in the same position, since they are foreigners, and we do not want to extend the article much more for your good.
On the one hand we have Filthy Frank, who we have spoken long and lying in two different articles where the irreverent and charisma character of him passed part of the past to become what he has always wanted it to be a musician.
On the other we have BO Burnham, a creator of content who began during the first months of life on YouTube and who took advantage enough to, two years later, put aside his channel to unleash his rogue humor and unbridled to
through songs.
It is currently for many the best humor showman that currently exists, with a trilogy of humor and cult that has fallen in love with everyone: What, Make Happy and Inside.