The method for a possible application for Olympic and Paralympic Games was unanimously chosen at the general meeting of the DOSE in Baden-Baden on Saturday.
With this decision, the association was commissioned to prepare a qualified fundamental choice in the coming year regarding whether there must be an application and when and with which cities it could be dealt with.
This consists of a dialogue with sport, politics and especially society.
It is not up until completion of 2023 that the DOSE convention should decide whether, for which year, with which cities and under what conditions Germany is using.
In the past three decades, 6 application efforts had actually been unsuccessful, and some had actually stopped working.

cities need to no longer use to the DOSE

By February 2023, a staff position with 4 staff members is now to take over the content and organizational preparation.
The costs for the one-year preparatory procedures of around 960,000 euros are borne by the DOSE.
Unlike other experiments, cities ought to no longer use as venues.
Rather, the DOSE wishes to check out which cities you might use the most effective.
A conversation has currently been talked to representatives from Hamburg, Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia (Rhein-Ruhr effort).
A central component of an application is stated to be the 100 percent usage of existing sports facilities.
Candidatures would be conceivable for winter games 2034 or 2038, for summer season games in 2036 or 2040.
When it comes to violence, ## Ministry of the Interior supports DOSE and assumes him
The DOSE is supported by the federal government in its project.
Juliane Seifert, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, stated in her greeting at the basic assembly: As a DOSE, you as a DOSE begin a broad-laid method procedure to speak to society whether and how to bring Olympic and Paralympic Games to Germany. We as
The federal government expressly welcome and assistance this.
Seifert was also pleased with the big idea developed by BMI and DOSE for a competitive sports reform.
The last reform was 6 years ago. There were likewise things that were excellent, but it wasn’t enough, she said.
We still desire
much better conditions for our professional athletes.
We want a more transparent and more powerful sport, a more meaningful system of financing, less administration and more digitization. What the reform will look like will be developed next year.
When it concerns violence in sport, the BMI accepted the DOSE.
Seifert called for a monetary participation of the DOSE in the job for producing a Center for Safer Sport.


When establishing a sponsoring association for this job, the DOSE was not one of the shareholders.
It is unacceptable that violence and sexual violence for such a frighteningly lots of professional athletes from performance and popular sports are a reality, highlighted Seifert.
It is idle to say that every event shakes confidence in sport in little and big.

Attention of human rights is anchored in the statutes

The focus was likewise on human rights at the basic conference: the DOSE anchored a commitment to the human rights task of care in its statutes and took a matching choice.
In the preamble, the DOSE is now dedicated to the basic respect of all nationally and worldwide acknowledged human rights and is dedicated to respecting their jobs.

Accordingly, he will utilize the United Nations’ assisting principles for the economics and human rights, according to the new statute.
You need to not restrict valuable conversations such as those through the World Cup in Qatar to an event and get out of the drawer at the next event, but they need sustainable methods, said DOSE President Thomas Water.
The questionable conversations about the World Cup demonstrate how much requirement for action and
There is still a need for posture.
The DOSE thus follows examples of national and international sport.
In September, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had a strategic structure for human rights utilizing and implementing the UN directing principles for economy and
Human rights decided.
A human rights advisory board need to likewise be available to the DOSE member organizations for guidance.
The previous President of the UN Human Being Rights Council, Joachim Tucker, has been named and commissioned as a designated handling director of the Advisory Board.