In Midnight Suns from Marvel, you play for a hunter, a child Lilith. The hunter and midnight suns are instructed to fight with the hordes of Lilith and Hydra in order to save the universe. Marvel Midnight Suns contains several resources to improve your maps and abilities, and loans are one of them. Here’s how to get loans at Midnight Suns from Marvel.

How to get loans in the game Marvels Midnight Suns?

Loans are the main transaction currency used by Midnight Suns. They are crucial for your success as midnight suns, and loans are necessary for your ways to improve in abbey. The best ways to obtain a loan are:

  • General missions at the mirror table. Check the received awards.
  • Around the territory of the abbey. Look for yellow luminous balls.


  • Secret chests. Epic chests offer the best awards.

Check the mirror table regularly for missions with loans as a reward. Misses that give loans are rare and should be executed often. You will regularly need loans to develop your heroes and abbey.

Why are loans used in the game Midnight Suns from Marvel?

Loans can be considered your main update currency. You will use loans in all actions related to upgrade, including abilities, heroes, forge, courtyard or center. Loans are used for:

  • Buying Forge, Central, Yard Modernization.

  • Application of modes of abilities.
  • Daily sparring with heroes.

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