One of the best things in Woo-hoo Charles is that you literally knock down a giant train of cereal spiders.
When you first start your adventure, your train is equipped with a gun of Gatling, called Detailer on the rear.


When you shoot at it, the end of the trunk slowly becomes red, indicating that it will get stuck soon.
You can also replace this weapon with three other types of weapons that you can find: a spray from insects, Bob is also a boomer.
But where exactly can you find this weapon, and what are its characteristics?

How to find all the weapons of the train in Woo-hoo Charles


The switch is already installed by train, so you do not need to worry about its search.
The next information is its statistics.
Damage: two
Range: Three
Slow down: three
Rate of fire: three

Spray from insects

Bug Spray is a flamethrower that can be found in the place indicated on the map below.
When you get there, the NPC will explain that his hut caught fire because of the weapon he was working on.
If you climb the stars right next to the burning building, you will get to the water tower upstairs.
You can turn the wheel to release water above the fire by extinguishing it.
You can also choose a can with orange paint in this area.
Damage: one
Range: One
Slow down: five
Rate of fire: Five

Boomer is a missile installation that can be found in the place below.

You will be invited to find the rockets themselves, going to the nearest bomb test site.
When you arrive, you will see a dynamic checker located in the center of the test area that you can use to blow up the door of the object.
As soon as you do this, you will see missiles in the center of the room.
You can choose them, which will add weapons to the back of your train.
Damage: five
Range: Two
Slow down: one
Rate of fire: one


Finally, Bob is a large-caliber machine gun, which is located in the area indicated on the map below.

The gun is named after NPC, which gives it to the deceased husband.
Get it quite simple.
All you need to do is go to the area where the NPC, which gives the quest.
Here you will find the second half of the pistol that she gave you.
Damage: three
Range: Five
Slow down: two
Rate of fire: two
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