Markus Kaczyński has taken over SV When Wiesbaden on December 2nd, 2016. The team from Hesse was in the relegation zone, just above the relegation line. This year will not be easy at Wiesbaden – but that’s where Markus Kaczyński wants to make a difference.

Quick unity would have passed in between the two parties, Nico Schaefer let you know on the club’s own site.
This is also a benefit of Kaczyński, through the identification with his job at the SVWW, the spokesperson for the management nobodyed the trainer.

Kaczyński: It goes in the ideal direction

Kaczyński, who has been on the sidelines at the SVWW given that November 2021 and is now under agreement up until 2025, thanked those responsible for the trust they have actually placed in them and stressed how convenience he feels with the Hesse.
The sporting development of the club enters the right instructions and working with the group in addition to the coaching and practical team is truly enjoyable for me, the 52-year-old, who and his group entered into the winter break after 17 game days, priced quote.
Paul Bernie is full of appreciation for Kaczyński: The sporting performance and the method our team plays football speaks definitely for the work of him and his team and satisfied our expectations completely, stated the sporting director.


With the extension, we take care of the important continuity in the club and want to continue the path taken with him.