Whether you are an experienced player or are you just starting, robberies are a great way to quickly unlock huge bonuses in Team fight Tactics, but they require small settings.
This is how robberies work in TFT and how you can launch them yourself.

robberies Team fight Tactics

Layout of a robbery

To start a robbery, you need to activate the underground line.
You can do this by simply placing three underground units on the game field.
If you do not have tripod units, emblems or additions that give underground accelerators or act as aggregates of underground units will also work.
Units that will offer an underground line include:
In and

Game in the robbery

Each robbery consists of ten castles that break into the gameplay.


When you have only three underground units on the board, you will break two castles at each victory and three at each loss.
If you increase the number of underground units up to five, you will hack three castles when winning and five with a loss.
You could notice that more locks are hacked when losing than when winning.

This means that you need to be tactful (sorry for the pun) and balancing your victories and defeats or to admit that you will need more rounds before you break out the castles enough to open the vault.
As soon as you hack ten or more locks, you will receive a repository.
There are awards inside the storage, and you can either continue the robbery or escape with available awards.
If you continue the robbery, you will repeat the hacking process of at least ten locks.
However, the awards for the next open castle will be better than for the first castle, and the awards will continue to improve as you make more robberies.
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