The keyboard is one of the most important parts of any gaming computer. It’s the focal point of your daily gaming experience, and you need to find the perfect keyboard for all your needs!


  • Current Rate: $89 (Amazon).
  • Format: 65%, 66 Keys.
  • Mount Type: Gasket.
  • Switches Over: Comaker Flamingo (linear), Comaker Budgerigar (tactile), Patron Pro 2.0 Yellow (Straight).


  • Key caps: Double shot PBT, OEM account.
  • Instance Material: Plastic.
  • Plate Product: Steel.

  • Hot-swap: Yes, 3/5 pins.
  • Stabilizer Type: Plate-mounted.
  • Backlit: RGB.
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 GHz and also Type-C.
  • Battery Capability: 3000mAh.
  • N-Key Rollover: Support.
  • Dimension: 325x117x41mm.
  • Weight: concerning 0.8 kg.


Comaker might have just provided the best-value mechanical keyboard for gamers on a budget plan. It’s a wonderful board on its own however at this price is one of the best values in mechanical keyboards today.

Comaker EK68-What Is It?

Even with that in mind, the software program makes it feasible to configure what you need to program, the stock key maps cover most bases the average player will certainly need, and the plate-mounted stabilizers are excellent by themselves. The missing functions would certainly be good to didn’t but have leaved me really feeling disappointed in what I really had.

Comaker might have simply delivered the best-value mechanical keyboard for gamers on a budget. Comaker has been a growing pressure in the world of mechanical keyboards over the last couple of years. I’ve heard and felt much more expensive custom keyboards, like the Novellas NK65 Entrance Edition– a very great keyboard in its very own right– that force you to purchase your very own switches as well as key caps that don’t sound and also really feel as excellent.

Comaker also did a wonderful work with the stabilizers. They came pre-lubed as well as there wasn’t any type of rattle. The stabilizers are plate mounted yet were extremely limited so there wasn’t as well as shake to develop unwanted sound. I included a little added Krypton to the wireless to make them appear a touch smoother however it wasn’t needed and also is a lot more something I do with every keyboard I review now.

I’ve used lots of Comaker keyboards at this factor and also the firm practically always does a great job of providing worth for the money. The mix of switches, key caps, and really great adjusting of noise and feel make it a remarkably fantastic choice if you’re looking for a keyboard under $100. If you’re keyboard buying, do yourself a favor and also press this keyboard to the top of your list.

I’ve made use of many Comaker keyboards at this point as well as the firm nearly always does a good job of delivering value for the cash. If you’re keyboard buying, do yourself a support and also press this keyboard to the top of your checklist.

The gasket mount application is also the finest of any type of Comaker keyboard I’ve examined yet. Prior keyboards tended towards the stiff side. They were gasket place alone greater than really feel, however here you likewise get some flex, which is enjoyable to kind on and puts it up there with some customized keyboard kits. Comaker has learned as well as the EK68 is a prime instance of that.

The EK68 additionally features programmable RGB lights and also sustains full vital remapping. There are 19 various lights presets onboard that support brightness, speed, and color changes, as well as 3 modes for first-person shooters, League of Legends, and also just lighting your major typing keys.

Starting with the fundamentals, the EK68 makes use of a small 65-percent layout. It gets rid of the feature row and number pad but maintains specialized arrowhead keys as well as a column of navigating and editing buttons. All the missing out on switches are still available as additional commands by holding the FN button on the lower. It additionally has a clickable volume wheel simply above this collection that mutes and also unmutes your system sound. The 65-percent layout is an excellent balance between gaming and also performance, which is a key reason for its popularity in new keyboards today.

The Flamingo switches are great. The factory lubing on them was regular on my example, so there were no random tricks that seemed various from the remainder.

The EK68 is covered with a collection of double shot PBT key caps. This indicates that the legends are formed from a 2nd piece of plastic that has been adhered to the external shell. They’ll never chip or discolor, and also the double shot process permits the tales to be crisper than the typical color sublimation process we usually see at this cost. There are a couple of incongruities, like the slightly as well large 2nd e in Enter, but they’re overall great.

Take it from me: the EK68 is amazingly excellent for the cost. Rather unfinished software aside, for $89, it delivers an inputting experience that’s at the top of its course. I’ve heard and also really felt extra pricey custom-made keyboards, like the Novellas NK65 Entrance Version– an excellent keyboard in its very own right– that force you to get your own buttons as well as key caps that do not appear and really feel as excellent.

Comaker EK68-Performance.

Battery life is the greatest imperfection as the EK68 only sports a 3000 mAh battery. There’s a handy battery indicator next to the arrowhead tricks to allow you know your present status, but It’s still a great concept just to plug it in when you log off for the night so it’s not a worry.

Regardless of its appearance, the keyboard uses a plastic case, however it has actually been repainted with a metal gunmetal gray coating to look like it’s made from metal. There’s a set of two-stage tilt feet around the back to readjust the angle, but I found it very comfy to utilize with just a hand remainder. Around the back edge is a USB port, as well as a pair of switches to control the Windows or Mac setup, along with the existing connection setting in between BT, 2.4 GHz, and USB. There’s additionally an intermediary to hold the USB dongle when it’s not in usage– as well as give thanks to goodness for that, because they’re far as well simple to lose if you’re not actively utilizing the keyboard.

Comaker didn’t spare any expense on the structure of the keyboard either. There are likewise layers of sound-dampening foam in between the plate and PCB, one more in between the buttons as well as the PCB for some included pop, and a final layer in the bottom of the case. It’s a huge improvement from some of Comakers earlier boards as well as has a much lighter sound than the EP75 thanks to the Cherry account key caps as well as gasket system.

It’s simple to switch out thanks to the keyboards sustain for hot-swapping if you’d instead supply your own buttons. Making use of the consisted of device, you can simply disconnect a button and also press an additional into location. You don’t also require disconnecting the keyboard to do so. This is a terrific function, particularly for a board similar to this that’s likely to work as a portal to the wider globe of mechanical keyboards as well as the thousands of personalized switches available today.

Final Thoughts.

Comaker has been an expanding force in the world of mechanical keyboards over the last few years. It has actually launched several mechanical keyboards now yet has actually gotten on a stable slope, adding functions, enhancing drawbacks, and also continually listening to customer responses. The EK68 is a superb instance of that, covering even the EP75 we examined recently.

Under the caps is your option of Comaker initial buttons or Patron Pro 2.0 yellow linear. My sample came with Comakers linear Flamingo switches, yet tactile Budgerigar buttons are also offered. All three kinds come pre-lubed. The Flamingo buttons are outstanding. They’re smooth as well as consistent as well as have a light-weight, clack noise profile. I’ve never used Budgerigar buttons, so cant speak with their audio or feel, yet the Patron Pro 2.0 Yellows are likewise exceptional and are considered among the finest budget switches you can buy today.

The only things its truly missing out on are QMK/VIA support and assistance for screw-in stabilizers. These two points would certainly place it on the same level with customized keyboard packages properly and now neither are existing. Looking at Comakers wider brochure, both of those functions are coming to be a lot more usual, so It’s exciting to see what may come the next months.

I am a bit of a mechanical keyboard fanatic. And by a bit, I mean that I currently have about a dozen custom keyboards with more coming in all the time. When I get pre-made keyboards in to examine, I typically dismantle them, lube stabilizers, include foam, tape, as well as complete other mods.