German basketball has always been an undisputed top-five player in Europe. However, now there are many doubts about the future of this in the country.

The nine-time German basketball champion Broke Bamberg is presently only 15th in the Bundesliga table.


Ex-basketball nationwide player Yasmin Delhi, who in the past was not only active as a player, but likewise as an authorities and fitness instructor in Bamberg, looks critically at the advancement of the German traditional association.
Bamberg has actually lost his identity, says Delhi in an interview with radio Germany, and demands: As long as you can’t handle to get the city behind the club again
New beginning, with an individual who takes responsibility and makes the right choices.
Delhi continued about the current scenario at the traditional club Bamberg: Sponsor Broke has actually increasingly pushed out the small sponsors and did whatever. As long as Broke tens of millions pumped in, it was great, now that Broke turned away, the small sponsors are missing out on.
Freak city community is no longer there.
The great fluctuation on the post of the fitness instructor and the ing director resulted in a power and responsibility vacuum: And the sad thing is: the mistake is repeatedly duplicated, Delhi was irritated.