What was originally a rumor is now confirmed with the release of a trailer. Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 16, set to release in the coming summer. The game will be available as a part of three different editions: a regular edition for $60, a digital deluxe edition for $90, and a collectors’ edition for $270.

Although it is a while until the release on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023, and the publication for more platforms will take at least another six months thanks to the time exclusivity of Last Dream 16, Square Enix is not afraid of the new one
To make part of the role-playing series hot.

Last Fantasy 16 was revealed on the Video game Awards for the coming summer.
Reason enough to stir the advertising drum with numerous pre-order benefits and editions.

Final Dream 16 is available in 4 different editions

  • Cost: 109.99 euros
  • Althea fabric map
  • Special Clive Rayfield Steel book

  • Price: 79.99 euros
    When buying by means of Amazon, Exclusive Steel book free of charge

Deluxe Edition

  • Rate: 349.99 euros
  • specifically in the Square Enix Shop
  • Fit statue
  • Set with 8 pins
  • Althea fabric map
  • Special Clive Rayfield Steel book
  • digital mini art book
  • digital mini soundtrack
  • Blood sword (DLC).

Digital Deluxe Edition.

Digital tiny art book.
Price: 99.99 euros.
digital small art book.
digital mini soundtrack.

Order your Final Fantasy 16 from one of the getting involved dealers, await you some digital goodies that you secure free of charge:.


Last existing video: trailer awakening.

Collectors Edition

Standard Edition

There will be Final Dream 16 in 4 different variations and already that can be pre-ordered by means of Amazon and Co. On the one hand, we would only have the standard edition, which, as its name may suggest, only contains the game itself and the pre-order bonus offer in the event of an early order.
The Deluxe Edition, the desirable Collectors Edition and a digital version of the deluxe version are still joining it.

these are the rewards for pre-ordered.

  • Cait-Sith-Talisman.
  • Fighter heart.
  • Checking out winder (only included in the collector and the digital editions).
    With a just recently released and, above all, epic trailer for Last Dream 16, the Japanese developers of Square just specified us effectively a couple of days ago.
    A previous trailer also put us beforehand on the five factions that are expected to be available in FF16.

Square Enix reveals you all additional content and the distinctions in the individual editions on the matching website.
So that you likewise know which perks await you with the pre-ordering of Last Dream 16, we will introduce you to them a little more precisely in the following.