The second War zone game has been available for a couple of weeks now, and the videos are not running as expected. No one knows what the problem is, but it’s possible that a recent update messed something up. There’s an article about it that breaks down the situation in detail and offers some potential solutions.


War zone was a real cash cow for material creator.
No matter whether streams or gods, individuals wished to see War zone.

Not surprising that numerous content developers hoped for fantastic from War zone 2.0, however although the record sales of Modern Warfare 2 forecasted terrific interest, the videos of many YouTubers are refraining from doing so well.

War zone 2.0: YouTuber experience badly running videos

Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 was the most effective home entertainment product of the year and broke the limitation of $1 billion within 10 days.
(Source: Bussineswire).
So there was a fantastic interest in War zone 2.0, as the Battle Royale managed to help the shooter huge cod to make more size.
In addition to the formerly active code cleaners and youroutuers, War zone has grown more content developers.
The largest include Timthetatman or Jack Courage Dunlop.
According to them, the clicks of their Warzone-2 videos have actually remained far behind the expectations.
Courage wrote in a tweet that he can watch the badly running videos from lots of colleagues.
Timthetatman responded with a retweet and added that his Warzone-2 videos would even do worse than the videos to Caldera, a rather undesirable map in the very first war zone.
(Source: Twitter).
The popular code expert GOD also agrees.
(Source: Twitter).

War zone 2.0 itself must be the problem

Amongst the tweets, different streamers and YouTuber discuss the problem and are trying to find particular causes.
Numerous suspect that War zone 2 is less appealing for viewers for different factors.
Bugs and glitches not just ruin the experience of the player, but likewise of the viewer, and War zone 2.0 likewise does not have fast action and, particularly in the middle of the game, too little occurs.
The new loadout mechanics are likewise a problem because your own weapons are heavier to get and are no longer so intriguing for many players (and therefore likewise viewers).
War zone 2 leaves you cold at the moment?
No issue:
Nevertheless, some descriptions also surpass the game.
It is presumed that the pandemic had an influence on how well War zone 1 videos carried out.
Another problem could be the incredibly large number of content creator, so that the spectators are spreading more.
Perhaps the upgrade beginning tomorrow will bring more interesting content and needed improvements and the experience for viewers to upgrade tomorrow.