After 5 wins in a row, the Leverkusen chest was wide.
Borussia Dortmund also felt that in the initial stage.
In this, the Herself emerged, after the 2-0 against Bochum Palacios and DLI for Hudson-Odoi (not in the team) and Home, strongly variable and creative.
Amir’s first attempted approach was still grazing the outside network (5th), at Diary’s conclusion from a severe angle after a great plug-on pass from With, Nobel needed to make himself really long (16. ).
BVB needed something to arrive in the Arena.
Although more than simply a corner in the charge area, the first look of Adam would have been possible (10th), but otherwise Dortmund was seldom presented.
Haller, who changed Mouton after the 2-1 in Mainz and commemorated his start-up launching, mainly hung in the air.

Dortmund works in the Spieladeyemi

After nearly half an hour, BVB, in which Wolf and Bellingham (after the yellow lock) for Guerrero and painting began, likewise got better into the video game.
The visitors existed in the battles and worked themselves into the game-and even took the lead in this method.
After Wolf’s conquest against Amir and subsequent double pass from Brandt and Bellingham, Haller Brandt’s cross through intelligently and hence allowed Adams Bundesliga premiere (33. ).
Dortmund likewise taped this match plan till the break.
Even the offensive (especially deem) returned to their own half and left the formerly so variable Leverkusen offensive.

again and once again Kobel-Tapsobas own goal

After the restart, the Herself then found her video game from the preliminary phase-failed again to Nobel.
The keeper parried a massive Diary, and DLI did not handle to press the rebound over the line (48. ).
Even in the back, luck was not on the side of the Leverkusen.
Tapioca carried out an own objective (53.) after an input of wolf.
However, even from the second objective, Bayer did not let himself be delayed and instantly put the passage forward once again.

Slowly but undoubtedly one desperately despaired.
The keeper remained in between again, this time against an DLI head (57th).

Leverkusen series tears, Dortmund’s continues

As a result, the video game was balanced.


Both groups contributed with forward-oriented and no-frills video game to be entertaining.
There were possibilities on both sides: Tapioca went through nearly a 2nd own goal (70th), Bellingham’s header broke past the goal (75th).
For Bayer, Nobel continued to turn out to be insurmountable: Diary failed due to a foot defense by the keeper (76th), the alternative Amount put a header expensive (81. ).
Due to the fact that Bayer likewise stayed tirelessly in the last phase, however ultimately stayed lucky, the Herself’s success series ended with the 0: 2.
BVB, on the other hand, constructs its own on three triumphs in a row-and jumps to fourth place and only has 3 points behind FC Bayern Munich.
The Leverkusen will be guest at FC Augsburg on Friday (8:30 p.m.).
The Dortmund expect SC Freiburg, which hides behind BVB, on Saturday (3:30 p.m.).