XBOX has recently been carrying out various campaigns to promote the mental health of the gamer community and to help those who are exposed to stress and depression.
In recent years, we have unveiled two sounds capes so that users can meditate through video game theme sound through collaboration with the global No. 1 meditation app, CALM, and also introduced the CALM premium use privilege for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

In commemoration of the release of the first video game theme soundscape through the collaboration between Xbox and CALM, we were able to talk with the 343 Industries officials who are in charge of the development of the Halo franchise in Xbox Studio.

I like my job. I always remind us that the game is more than a fun hobby.

Q. With a brief introduction, please explain what role it plays in the 343 Industries ‘Quality of Life’ program team.

= To briefly explain the role of the quality program of life, it can be said to be ‘happy for people who make Halo’.
To explain in more detail, my work goes around three things.
First, the 343 Industry’s diversity, equity, and the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) initiatives are also included, and secondly, it also promotes the charity of the studio.
Finally, we support the whole studio in terms of non-technical aspects.

These activities are spending a busy daily life, but I love my work.
Personally, I’m a passionate gamer who finds charms in all game genres, and when I don’t play games, I spend my leisure time by walking with music, karaoke, city drive, Gun dam plastic model, and dog Yuppie.

Q. I wonder if there is a specific opportunity to collaborate with CALM for mental health of gamers.
How could you collaborate?

= The case of XBOX shows how much the Xbox community is so important to how important the mental health is, and how much help from the game to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

CALM is the No. 1 consumer app in mental health-related fields, and has the best expertise in creating tools and experiences to support it.
So I was willing to participate when I had a chance to cooperate with Xbox and CALM, showcase the first video game theme soundscape, and cooperated with gamers’ mental health and resources for resources.

Q. In collaboration with CALM, Zeta Halo’s soundscape in 343’s game ‘Halo Infinite’ has been released.
Among the many sounds in the game, do you have a sound skying?

= ‘Zeta Halo’ is not only the main stage of adventure that Master Chief experiences in Halo Infinite, but also a great opportunity for the Halo franchise to emphasize the unique aspects of the Halo franchise.
A vast ring-shaped artificial structure like Zeta Halo is not just the background of the story, but also a key to playing an important role in various aspects of the game.

Zeta Halo’s Sound Scale, which was introduced in collaboration with CALM, is another opportunity to showcase the core elements of these games through sincere media.

Q. If you have another chance of collaboration in the future, will there be a place or sound in the game that would be good if you would like to make a sound skate?

= It may sound a bit strange, but I personally like the winding sound that the machine is.
Even when I was serving in the Air Force, the sound of the airplane calmed me and let me sleep.
Wouldn’t it be possible to create a similar soundscape with a ship in Halo like UNSC Infinite?
Or, the soundscape of the ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ theme is also good.

Q. It was also impressive to share the case of overcoming depression through the Xbox Wire.
I think I had a lot of opportunities to listen to the stories of people who overcame emotional and mental problems through the game through this program.

Is there a story that was the most impressive of them?
I would appreciate it if you can tell me in a line that can be shared.

A few months ago, I was honored to invite the special Olympic Games for the 343 Industries Halo Museum.
At that time, the players were judges of the Gaming for Inclusion event, one of which was Amber, a huge fan of Halo.

Amber’s team contacted me the surprise tour, and it was a very memorable moment.
She was as if we were a gift for a golden basket and a dog.
At first, I was just happy to see Halo’s moisturizing, but I heard that ‘Halo’ was a window for her whenever Amber and her mother could not communicate.
Hallo, such as making friends in the game, was one of the way she experienced the world.

When I look at these, I once again realize that the game is more than a fun hobby.
The relationship between people formed through the game has a practical and strong power that can support our lives even when we are not playing games.
I keep the appreciation card that Amber gave me to not forget this.

Q. He told me that it was very helpful to relieve stress through the game, but I wonder if there is a philosophy of various genres.

= My personal philosophy is to play the game you want.
In a line that does not harm others, please enjoy any game you want.
Many gamers I know felt that I had to follow the trends or follow the games that my friends do.
Of course, it’s not that it’s wrong, but if you are more attracted to it, I would recommend you to play the game.

If you haven’t played farming games or RPGs, you can find a different charm there, or if you have only a serious and heavy game, you might need a little ridiculous funny game.
As there are so many games that are mixed with each other, and the genres are mixed with each other, it seems to be a great time for gamers.

Q. Do you tend to play games of several genres according to your mood or mind?

= I usually want to experience something that’s the opposite of the negative things I’m experiencing.
When I feel that I don’t have autonomy or control, I try to play a good and familiar game like Persona 5 or Skyrim, and when I feel depressed or need a new start, I enjoy a more thrilling game like ‘Halo Infinite’.

Sometimes I want to hear stories that are not completely mine.
Every genre has one game that provides a perfect story, but in my case, I really enjoyed games such as ‘Haven’ or Spirit far, which you wouldn’t have tried a few years ago.

Q. Do you have any games you would like to recommend to those who are stressful?

= I don’t feel as strong as myself when killing wicked guys in Vampire Survivors.
The start is weak, but if you play properly, you can be a walking destroyer itself, so why don’t you want to feel it?
Also, I have a bad day (even if it was a good day), and I think the logic games that are well-made like Dead Cell will help you to change your mood.

I usually finish my work and enjoy the match of ‘Halo Infinite’ before going home.
When you don’t have energy to concentrate, games like ‘Identification’ are good.
‘Persona 5 The Royal’ is one of my favorite games, which is a game that always makes you feel good.

Q. The mental health of the developer’s mental health is as important as the mental health of gamers.
If you have any programs that help developers promote mental health in the overall Xbox or 343 Industry, please introduce.

= 343 One of the best programs supported by Industry was actually created by our colleagues of Rare Studio.
It’s XBOX’s P2P support program ‘Project Spirit’, which focuses on providing people with mental health-related resources.


The program, which began in Rare, has been extended to other studios in Xbox, including 343 Industries over the past few years.

In short, I am a member of the Spirit Ambassador team, but I am not a certified expert, but I am trained to talk with many in terms of mental health.
And people are trying to connect, as well as resources that can help people take care of themselves.

In addition, Xbox offers a variety of programs, communities and resources to support the mental and emotional well-being of developers and creators.
It not only supports the developer to ask for help when needed, but also provides training to help others.
Xbox eliminates prejudice on talking about mental health and creates a comfortable and safe environment for everyone to take care of themselves.