The youtuber mrbeast spends huge amounts of money in its videos.
Most of the time it is about ridiculous obstacles, or it breaks pricey things.
But every once in a while he spends a great deal of cash that he makes with his 130 million subscribers, also for a great cause.
Because of MrBeast, Banner Havana makes the newest video angry-but not.

MrBeast pays an eye surgical treatment for 1,000 individuals

Jimmy Donaldson, much better understood as MrBeast, is among the most effective YouTuber with 130 million customers.
His videos frequently reach clicks in the three-digit million range, in which he often grants high cash prize for unreasonable difficulties.
However, with his cash, he not only makes home entertainment videos, however likewise expects excellent purposes.
In among his most current videos, he pays 1,000 people a life-changing eye surgical treatment.
The gray star (also cataract) is an eye disease in which the lenses end up being cloudy and therefore the eyesight is significantly minimized.
The cloudiness can be corrected with a really simple procedure.
This eye surgical treatment takes an excellent ten minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis.
Other material creates this with their cash:
With us in Germany, this is usually a cash advantage.


A synthetic lens is used in the procedure.
If more than a one-off lens is essential, as in clients with a corneal curvature, additional expenses may apply to those affected.
In many other nations, nevertheless, this surgery is hardly inexpensive, which is why MrBeast individuals from the USA, Jamaica, Honduras, Namibia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and Kenya pay for the operation.
You can see the about eight-minute video here:

Streamer Havana is angry with an absence of medical care

The streamer Hasan Havana Piker and associate Rachel Valkyrie Hofstadter reacted to MrBeast’s video.
While Valkyrie is touched by the pleasure of the people who can see again, Havana reacts upset.
He says to her: You can say and see this video: AW, how adorable, how great.
I take a look at this video and have plenty of anger.
We obstruct access to a ten-minute intervention because we put a paywall in front of it and decided that some individuals simply can’t get it.
Havana calls it an aggravating concept and finds it frightening that a YouTuber needs to look after bad people get such basic healthcare.

According to the eye doctor and cosmetic surgeon Jeff Levinson, who supports MrBeast in the project, you might extremely easily help half of all affected individuals with this operation and therefore make the life of 200 million people much better.