After Rouen Schröder’s departure in October, FC Schalke 04 brought the transfer winter without a new s director.


However, it must not stay, as s director Peter Anabel has now confirmed.
Six new additions have actually been formed to the FC Schalke team in the previous couple of weeks.
They are intended to assist the Bundesliga table in the table to roll up the field from behind.
The royal blue had to deal with a total of ten offers in winter season, after all, four professionals likewise left the club.
Not a simple undertaking without a full-time s director.
Chief scout André Tengelmann and s officer René Grotius took over the jobs of Rouen Schröder, who all of a sudden resigned from his office in autumn, transitionally and helped s director Peter Anabel.
The latter was pleased with the results.

It was an excellent decision to go around with this group. André and René, thank you. Both did an excellent job in their roles, stated Anabel in the WAS.
The duo had actually shown that both were stress-resistant and calm.

FC Schalke continues to plan with Rear Constellation

At the exact same time, Anabel made no secret of searching for a brand-new strong male for FC Schalke 04.
In the existing constellation it must not go on.
That would underestimate to the task. It is clear to everyone that we require extra manpower, emphasized the authorities, who once again revealed a three-way constellation.
He himself is making every effort for other areas of competence, exposed Anabel: The perspective is that I wish to stay a member of the board. As a s director, I will not use.
Benjamin Schemes and Marcus Mann are thought about prospects for the vacant job at the Purport Club.
Whoever it ends up being at the end-wishes continuity like the Example SC Freiburg.