A handyman does not just craft bought keys on doffs!
In spite of a heavy track record, it is rather profitable, in a single-compartment or in multi-count.
Much better still, it is not so expensive to go up to level 200. Lastly, practically.
You will have to count on some rather pricey employers types.
Last upgrade: February 05, 2023

DOFUS-Mount DIY 200, recipes and crafts for XP

You can find all the explanations around the choices of the dishes below in the primary lag of this guide.
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1 DOFUS-Mount do it yourself 200, recipes and crafts for XP
2 experience table, LXP to mount handler on doffs
2.1 Mount Drinking on Doffs from level 1 to 100
2.2 Levels 100 to 200
2.3 Resources required to install a handyman from 1 to 200
2.3.1 Trades and manager
2.3.2 Numerous resources

Table Experience, LXP to mount a handyman on doffs

You do not wish to get your hands unclean and have the Kama’s?
This table will offer you the number of resources to be recuperated and of recipes to make.
The information is supplied by Excellent Website Defuse (Profuse is up-to-date), also offering other useful tools.

As a reminder, we propose one here a way based on numerous criteria, tending towards objectivity but not ideal.
If you discover a better dish in your progress, do not think twice!
The following crafts are carried out in the order.
Residual LXP may stay of a UP 10 to 20 for instance (10% of level 11 carried out).
Do not follow the tutorial for particular pieces can cause lack of us normally compensating by an extra craft.

Mounting handyman on doffs from level 1 to 100

Levels 100 to 200

More than on retro DOFFS, Experience decreases drastically for lower-level dishes.
In this progression, we attempt to commit too pricey recipes (with pebbles, substrates, alloys) as good as possible.
Some differences can be observed towards profitable dishes (ex: several objects without essences), enabling DXP rapidly without paying too much from its pocket.
In conclusion, this article stays a course proposal.
Considering that the redesign of BL dishes and trades, Doffs has had a lot more dishes to increase.
However, issue, no op for XP quickly and with little FAMAS.


It will for that reason be required to alternate to progress successfully.

Resources needed to install a handyman from 1 to 200

The accounts were somewhat rounded to the ten remarkable in order to leave a room for maneuver (and also avoid the way of resources).

Manager and boss