It annoys me quite when I hear such a balance, said Stretch on Thursday: You have the chance to enhance the statistics, it would be time. It’s not that I am completely desperate due to the fact that other groups have
Not so lovely balance sheets with us.
What stands out: The discrepancy in between away and home duels with the BVB under Stretch’s direction.
In the ten video games in Freiburg, the objective difference of 7:20 is not exactly exhilarating, however the SC has currently won two triumphs and two draws, and frequently used the Dortmund, particularly in the recent games.
Does the backdrop play a larger function in Germany’s largest stadium?
Rather no, says Stretch.
Some things are not really discussed: It is not that it is constantly especially loud in Dortmund, although there are numerous individuals there. It feels like it is not louder in Dortmund than with us and there for an away team not more unpleasant than with us. All of these things are not at all. We were all not good enough in the eleven years to win in Dortmund or get 3 or four draws.

We drive happy but to Dortmund

Stretch wishes to enhance the balance sheet: Now we are going to Dortmund, since we are so good and do not have the pressure to look back all the time. I am now looking forward to playing in Dortmund, and I’m very curious to see if
we get what we do.
Regardless of the 2 excellent appearances versus Frankfurt (1-1) and Augsburg (3: 1) with practically similar beginning eleven, a lot is still open.
It might be that there are 3 or four modifications, said Stretch, who can draw on his entire 26 squad.
Most importantly, nevertheless, it will be important whether his experts appear as gripping and aggressive as last.

We have to be brave

If we think it is going, we’ll get the next prompt tent, cautions Stretch, with a view to the 0: 6 description for the RESTART in Wolfsburg, when his gamers were not up and always came one action too late.


Stretch’s order: We need to be brave and adhere to the procedures, do things like in a house game against another team that is not as famous as Dortmund.

The data are barely worse

FC Augsburg recently displayed in its 3: 4 defeat how to trigger issues for BVB in its arena.
Stretch desires to score a minimum of in Dortmund.
And if that doesn’t work once again?
If eleven-instead is 10 times and just a draw, it doesn’t make the goat in fat. The stats are barely worse.