The world on which Cal (the hero of the game) is called Robot and is probably developed for the video game given that we do not find any trace on Cookiepedia.


My very first impressions concerning this trailer in the type of more and less:
+ It’s lovely
+ This gameplay area being at the start of the video game, Cal will directly access many fight alternatives, removing the reproach of the very first opus where the starts were a bit soft (however Cal was inexperienced).
+ The occupants of the planet have actually visibly done their racing separatist of the black market thus offering us the happiness of typing the droid of the trilogy.
+ Constantly as numerous possibilities for analyzing objects and environment for those who like me liked to complete the encyclopedia of the first opus.
– The cal.
– The walls on that making balancing constantly seem to be put in a significant method, the video game will probably be only semi open as the very first.
From what we see for the moment, this Jedi Star Wars: Survivor therefore assures to be an improved version of the very first which will please those who had actually appreciated it however will not recover the couple of disappointed.