Having created the Warding World website, you can find and create your portrait, house, patrons and rod to plunge into the Harry Potter universe and fantastic creatures.
While the data of your profile, such as a house, can be easily changed by repeating the quiz, changing the patrons is a little difficult.

Can I change patrons in Warding World?

The final answer to this question is yes.

You can change your patrons in your Warding World profile, but this is not so simple.
If you decide to tie another mythical creature to yourself, you will have to delete the existing account and create a new one.
Otherwise, you can simply create a completely new additional account.

How to change your patrons in Warding World

  • Go to the site of the magical world and log in to your profile.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to open the account settings.
  • Scroll all the way down to maintain the section and click the Remove the account option (see the image above).


  • Enter and confirm your password again and select remove the account to erase your data.
  • Now you can register again using the same email address, and change your patrons along with all other profile data.
    This will lead to the removal of all your data and purchases related to your profile, if any.
    If this suits you, follow the instructions and change your patrons.
    If you want to assign yourself a certain cartridge, find guidelines that mention accurate answers that you need to choose to get patrons, such as deer, hippogrif, festal and unicorn.
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