Marvel’s Midnight Sun was actually well received by critics, it has a metacore of 82. With the sales it doesn’t look as excellent as you might believe.
This is not an unclear rumor, however comes personally from the take-two CEO Strauss Selznick.
He spoke in an interview with gaming reporter Jason Schrader plain text.
Why is the game not successful?

Marvel’s Midnight Sun is a flop

Jason Schrader released a crucial quote from his interview with Strauss Selznick on Twitter.
The CEO validates that the game has remained behind the monetary expectations and offers a direct factor: It is possible that the time window for publication was not ideal.
However, according to Selznick, there is likewise hope, since it is still a video game of the designers of the Studios Fir axis:
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Their games typically have remaining power and pay off in the long run.


If you think about that thanks to Firmly we had recently received games like Com and Civilization, hope is understandable.
LCS, extensions, updates, mods and Got editions have actually ensured that the tactical missions of COM and CIV method parts also draw in many gamers years after release.
Deadpool is the very first of 4 additional DLC characters that you can include to your group in Midnight Suns after release.
Source: Fir axis/Marvel

Why did Midnight Sun flopped?

There are various factors that might have triggered the bad release of Midnight Suns, although it is naturally difficult to find the specific cause.
However, there are a few possible reasons:
Marvel’s Midnight Sun (buy now EUR 69.99) was launched on December 2, 2022, on the very same day as The Callisto Protocol and Need for Speed Unbound.

  • Shortly before, hits like God of War Ragnarök and Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura were released in November.
  • The mix of the leading builder round strategy and blockbuster video game with action-packed 3D animations is hardly as ideal for mass as a common action adventure à la Spider-Man: For the XCOM-Crowd excessive Marvel, excessive for Marvel fans.
    And both possibly too Hearthstone.
  • Precisely because it is a Fir axis game, some individuals may be waiting on the inescapable content after release (there is already a Season Pass, whose Deadpool DLC has actually now been published) and special deals or a complete bundle in the kind of Got edition.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Free Trial for Consoles

Editor Matthias is currently still in Midnight Suns every night and is passionate (although he could now skip some superhero animation).
You can now go to PS5 and Xbox Series X | if you are not yet sure whether Midnight Sun is something for you
S play a totally free trial variation for 3 hours.
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