There is finally new information on the costs and the shiny rate of the worldwide Horn tour in Pokémon Go.
On February 25th and 26th, 2023, the around the world Horn tour runs in Pokémon GO.
Up until now, nevertheless, there have been ambiguities what the event would cost and what it would look like with the Shiny rate for the event.
Designer Ni antic has actually now talked to the Europa portal.

This is understood at the expenses: Ni antic informed Euro gamer that there will be no big event ticket to the global Horn tour.
The majority of the occasion will be playable totally free of charge.
According to the existing status, the only exception is masterpiece research with Shiny Karachi.
There is a ticket that is used in between February 20 and March 20 for $4.99 (or a corresponding rate in the state currency).
This is known to the Shiny: Despite buying a ticket of research, picked Pokémon species will receive a Shiny increase throughout the event, Ni antic informed Euro gamer.
It is still unclear which these are.
There is no basically increased Shiny possibility, but at least there will be an increased Shiny rate for some beasts.

What is the around the world Horn tour in Pokémon Go?

This is in the international Horn trip: The global Horn trip works on February 25th and 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. regional time.
There will be various material that focuses on the Horn region.
These consist of:
The focus is on the beasts from the area
There are turning habitats with various spawns
Proto-Groudon and Proto-Kyogre appear in brand-new raids
There will be a special research called legend hunt around the 2 monsters
You select a page-ruby or sapphire
There is a changed egg swimming pool, consisting of with the regional Pokémon of the Horn region
Here you will discover an exact introduction of the material of the international Horn tour in Pokémon Go.
The worldwide Horn trip runs a week after the local variation in Las Vegas, which varies a little from the global event.
For Las Vegas there is about a ticket and some paid add-ons that bring more benefits.
You can only use that if you are there.


There is also another interesting occasion prior to the international Horn tour: the photo functions with the return of Rayquaza.