Continuing with a new date within the Mexican League we see the teams better preparing to conquer the Honor Division, with days that have given a great sample of skill of each of the teams to reach the triumphs that left them in the
Position in which they meet but now seek to redeem to get the tip of the table.
Being the first duel 19 eSports against Even Esports with a rather strong start from the squad of 19 that puts things in his favor thanks to the liquid Diego ability that surprises with an Elise in his possession that works effectively for
To be able to press the rivals on several occasions that allow their peers to take the advantage to make it the victory.

Going to the second game we have Peek Gaming against The Kings Moon where the Matrix Virus would
have their rivals to take the objectives on their side that would help them end a triumph for them.
The third contest puts Tomorrow Esports against Leviathan with a very interesting composition from the sea dragon squad that puts a Benetton in the hands of Zero that manages to make a difference in the middle part and the battles per team to abuse the early game leaving
The favorable things for them leaving one more triumph on their score after this game.
For the last game of the day we had Others faced Plant with a rather solid beginning for the horde that puts the favorable things for them thanks to Nobody who shows his great management of Rye on several occasions to be able to punish the opponents, the game little to
Little was closing in favor of the dragons who continue to maintain the undefeated thanks to the victory they get in this duel.


A very intense week closure within the Mexican League that had very interesting battles, but it would be Plant who continues to demonstrate its strength with an undefeated marker that places them in the upper part of the table for one more week, without a doubt, the table
He has only a king who will seek to keep his streak on the following dates but so far they have not met a rival who is on par.